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Forbidden Journal Essay

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I have got to keep you up with the music I’m listening to here in Salem! Being involved in this whole “witch catching” business, means that I don’t get much recess. But, when I do, I love to listen to Ed Sheeran’s song Drunk. He understands me! There are so many valuable quotes from the song which I feel really get my battle against Proctor in this entry.

One of the first quotes I noticed was, “without you to hold I’ll be freezing”. As you will have known from my previous diary entries, I loved John Proctor. But, recently I’ve been yearning for him more than ever. Since he decided to reunite his affections for Elizabeth, I was driven into the cold because I had no-one to hold. Without ...view middle of the document...

On the day of Tituba helping us to conjure the spirits, my sole motive was to kill Elizabeth, to be with Proctor. Considering that that had failed, I am forced to take action within the court, by declaring that she is a witch.

I believe that John will take longer to see my way of thinking. He, on our last encounter, stood up for his wife and not for me. He will rue the day he married Elizabeth and did not run away with me! I have everything planned with Mary Warren and myself. Mary was to give Elizabeth the poppet and Cheever was to retrieve it and arrest her. I was desperate to get John for myself that I was willing to pierce a needle through my stomach and blame it all on Elizabeth Proctor.

I knew that she knew that I had had an affair with John, that I would go after her to reclaim him and that John knew that this malarkey was all made-up for sport; but, I blackmailed John by saying that if he told this, I would tell him about his affair with me which would blacken both his name and the name of his family. The latter reason would drive John into hiding the truth further because of the love and care he felt for his family, like any man would. The last thing I was informed was that Cheever had collected his wife and she was on her way back to the centre of the village of Salem.

Hopefully, things will stay as good as they have been so far, and I finally get to rid myself of Elizabeth once and for all.

Lots of Love, Abigail Williams xx

Dear Diary,

Today is certainly going in my favour! I woke up today, believing that today would be all about Betty, and Uncle Parris would be crying over her still body.

The one thing that has been relayed through my mind throughout the course of the day was whether it was worth the trouble of conjuring the spirits, and going through all this trouble linked in with it. Yes. The first reason that I had wanted to go through with the witchcraft was because I had to be with John! To do this, I needed to get rid of the daft old bat Elizabeth Proctor for good; it was the only way that John would ever accept his rightful place, with me by his side. Lastly, being the niece of Reverend Parris meant that he kept you on a tight leash, in order to both, keep his high reputation maintained throughout the village and to keep us out of the ways of the Devil. The thing that he failed to comprehend was the fact that he sometimes kept that...

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