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For Whom The Bell Tolls Essay

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Part II The title For Whom the Bell Tolls symbolizes the uncertainty of life and destiny, where the main character in this story finds himself in a series of unpredictable situations that are beyond his control. The only certain event in life is death and knowing that this may happen to anyone at any time, renders the protagonist powerless against destiny, which he approaches with a fatalistic disposition. Part III For Whom the Bell Tolls takes place in Spain, during the bloody civil war, between the years of 1938 and 1942. It unravels among people who live in the rural mountain areas of Spain. They were forced to kill others in order to survive and to defend their country from fascist. ...view middle of the document...

329) 6 " Sweeeish-crack-boom! It came, the swishing like the noise of a rocket and there was another up-pulsing of dirt and smoke farther up the hillside"(p.494) 7 "The others came behind him and Robert Jordan saw them crossing the road and slamming on up the green slope and heard the machine gun hammer at the bridge"(p.505) 8 "He looked very carefully around the withers of the dead horse and there was a quick hammering of firing from behind a boulder well down the slope and he heard the bullets from the submachine gun thud into the horse"(p.333) 9 "They are brave, but stupid people, he thought"(p.334) 10 "The cigarette glowed brightly"(p.67) Part V 1 Dexterous; p.25 Skillful and competent with the hand. 2 Flaccid; p.29 (Flabby) Deficient in turgor 3 Bayonet; p.40 A steel blade made to be attached at the muzzle end of a rifle and used in hand-to-hand combat 4 Fascist; p 45 party to oppose communism 5 Heather; p. 155 A common evergreen heath of northern alpine regions with small crowded stem less leaves. 6 Pallor; p. 168 Lack of color especially in the face 7 Contemptuously; p. 458 existing, occurring, or originating during the same time 8 Echelon; p. 344 A formation of units resembling a series of steps (as troops) 9 Decadent; p. 263 marked by decay or decline 10 devaluate; p. 417 Part VI "’What have you to justify your identity", Asked the man in the carbine"(p.12)...

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