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For And Against Gay Marriage Essay

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For and Against Gay Marriage
Same-sex marriage is one of the issues that American lawmakers are going through, right now. It could be a big decision in history, if legalized because the consequences, either positive or negative, can extremely affect our society. That’s why many debates start once this topic, legalizing same-sex marriage, starts. In “For Gay Marriage” Andrew Sullivan talks for homosexual being married, and in “Against Gay Marriage” William J. Bennett expresses himself against same-sex marriage.
Andrew Sullivan thinks that homosexuals cannot have equal rights until the same-sex marriage is legalized, but William J. Bennett says that talking on this topic is totally pointless. Bennett says that legalizing gay marriage would be destroying that word “marriage.” He calls it an “honorable estate,” because of the differences between men and women balance it out and ...view middle of the document...

According to Sullivan, the law of domestic partnership does not make up for marriage for homosexuals. Under this law, a couple is eligible for most of the benefits but federal tax and veteran benefits. Any two people living together can qualify for domestic partnership, that’s why majority of heterosexual couples go for it, as well. So, just to save this declining act of marriage, homosexuals should be allowed to get married. But, Bennett argues that it will be a social damage.
Also, Sullivan brings up the law that holds back the minors from getting married because they do not have the understanding about his concept. The concept of single parenting cannot be better than two men raising a kid together. Homosexuals do not belong to any of these categories, so should not be held back. Bennett argues that it is always better if an adopted kid is raised by a mother, and a father.
The more we have opened to homosexuality, more homosexuals are coming out and acknowledging their love publicly, according to Sullivan. It would be a role model for young gay generation. Families and friends can accept them openly. Gay kids will have a safe future, their own identity rather than getting discriminated for just being something relating to sexuality. It could lead to more happy people, and families. Bennett thinks it would affect the young generation in a totally different way. According to Bennett, opening up about this concept is giving the kids a choice to be gay because young kids think it just cool to be gay. Schools will have totally different sex education for young generation, and parents who do not want their kids to learn about all this would be considered odd.
At the end, Sullivan talks about the emotional needs, dreams of homosexuals are similar to heterosexuals, and deserve equal treatment. But Bennett does not want to destroy the act marriage which is already being affected by issue like sexual revolution, and no fault divorce. There is always going to be debate about this topic because it affects a lot of social aspects.

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