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For Affirmative Action Essay

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In Favor of Affirmative Action
For a majority of its history, the US has discriminated certain groups of people from higher education. Colleges and universities should consider race as a factor in admissions process. It benefits all students as well as minorities that receive affirmative action. It also develops stronger leaders that are needed for our ever-changing society. Merit based admission as a counter argument to affirmative action is flawed because it doesn’t compensate for the failures in our public education system that result in failing schools.
Diversity in higher education is an advantage to all students. With new perspectives and ideas, the debates and discussions in the ...view middle of the document...

For example, by 2023, 42 percent of the Texas population will be Hispanics. This is significant because as the state grows more and more diverse, there is a high probability that our future generation of leaders will be from a minority group. In the article, “Race and College Admissions” UT talks about how the college’s mission is to produce a generation of leaders. Affirmative action helps bring in a “critical mass” of minority students, so that the enrollment gap is reduced and minorities become better represented and prepare to be future leaders. One profound example of a great leader that affirmative action helped is Sonia Sotomayor. She is the first female Hispanic Supreme Court Justice, who made the most out of affirmative action. She shows us how you can achieve great things if given the opportunities, but affirmative action only opened the doors for her. She had to do the work and prove herself worthy. This is significant because people against affirmative action will argue that many do not receive anything out of race-conscious admissions, but all affirmative action is meant to do is provide opportunities; it doesn't guarantee equal results and experiences.
People against affirmative action believe applicants should be held to the standards of their individual academic and extracurricular...

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