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1.What kinds of application are described here? What business functions do they support? How do they improve operational efficiency and decision making?
MEDITECh electronics: Doctors can be Up-to-date to their patients information with help of IPhone application that is developed by the MEDITECH electronics medical record system. This example is shown in Doylestown Hospital. This improvement is helping doctors to communicate with patients current conditions more faster, so that they don’t lose time and always they can take care of their patients anywhere.
-Companies such as D.W. Morgan use JIT business function. These helps them supply their co working companies with ...view middle of the document...

” Dicuss the implications of this statement.
We discussed about that is good way to using electronic device otherwise he cannot know his patients current situation and then he can help them. He really satisfied with this system. This is kind of right way of feeling high developments benefit . However some people using for having fun so we need realize many useful and right applications for our daily life.
Ans4. It implies that the use of iPhones (for D.W. Morgan) not only improved a particular sector of the organization but rather helped the organization to succeed as a whole since the complete process from collection of raw material to delivery of products was unmatched. D.W. Morgan's CEO stated that the use of iPhone in the business completely transformed their old techniques and methods with the sophisticated but simple - to - use which changed their working methodology in a positive way. His statement implies that the use of iPhone not only benefitted a particular domain or sector of the organization but completely revolutionized it as a whole. The certain task for which its rival took 20 minutes to 12 hours can be completed by the Morgan within no time. Thus it provided an opportunity for them also to enhance or change their techniques as well. This increase in the competition will improve the quality and the technology used which will definitely produce quality services and products. Thus the whole industry is revolutionized for a better tomorrow. As for D.W. Morgan, having operations in more than 85 countries, the use of iPhones helped a great deal to improve their just-in-time strategy with a better time management (up-to-the-minute information) of delivery trucks. Earlier the process of tracking the delivery trucks and then guiding them to the next location required a great deal of manual efforts and time but now all this was just the matter of few seconds. Also the information collection and updating process was digitalized with a date-stamp and time-stamp. This whole process kept the suppliers and the clients updated with the required information and helped D.W. Morgan to expand and make profits at a much faster pace

* Communicating: IPAD allows you to choose several default email providers such as Gmail, yahoo, Hotmail,..etc
* Note taking: Taking more notes at meetings and conferences, adding more interesting information to review and follow up, jotting down inspiring ideas as they happen, copying and sharing quotes of famous people, writing down past experiences, and even noting things that people may forget.
* Reading: The IPAD contains the addictive iBooks reader for browsing eBooks articles,PDFs and Words.
* Browsing: Whether you have the iPAD with 3G or 4G LTE, or just Wi-Fi, you can browse the Internet everywhere using the built-in Safari browser. You can browse any website.
* Writing: The iPAD is not just for reading, It is fast becoming a useful tool for writing and creating new...

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