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For 2001: A Space Odyssey Essay

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What makes the Room sequence an unconventional ending for 2001: A Space Odyssey?

The sequence starts with a point of view shot of David. It shows a corner of the room. In the room, an ambience sound is like from the universe. The next shot is an extreme close-up of David. Some colorful reflections of light fall on his face. David’s head shakes. His face is reddish with a tense expression. This shot has a warm tone.
By contrast, the following shot has a cooler tone. It is a view of the bedroom with the dock station in it. This wide shot shows the mise-en-scene. The room design is classic European style. Then there are two more shots of different angles of the same scene. The next shot ...view middle of the document...

The man, an old David, wears a dark blue robe eating his meal. A medium shot shows the current David looks at the old David. At the same moment, all sounds stop. The old David stands up walks towards the bathroom into the bedroom looking around, but he cannot find the current David.
Then a reversed wide shot show the old David walks back to the bedroom sitting in the chair. The film is cut to medium shot of him eating. He accidently breaks his wineglass cup on the floor. The film is cut to the broken wineglass, then, is cut back to the old David looking at the wineglass. A breathing sound catches the old David’s attention, so he looks up to where the sound comes from. The next shot is an over old David’s shoulder shot focusing on an older David lying in bed. The film shifts to medium shot showing the older David raising his right arm pointing upper front. Cutting to wide shot, a dark monolith suddenly stands up in the middle of the room with the older David pointing to it. This wide shot of the room is a symmetrical composition often used in renaissance religious paintings. That composition emphasizes the super power of the middle subject. Kubrick shows different angles of view of the same scene. The film cuts to a full shot of the monolith. Then an embryo is in the bed with soomth lighting around. A medium shot of side view is now used to show the star child. Then, the monolith from wider shot zooms in covering the scene. While the moon rises, a classic music starts. Then the earth rises from the right corner of the screen. The embryo with star child in it shows from left side of the screen. The star child looks at the earth. Then, there is a close-up of the star child in the embryo facing to the camera. Then the star child turns slowly where motion control is used. Then, the credit follows with another classic music.
The slow pacing Room sequence presents an...

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