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Footballers Paid More Than Soldiers Essay

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Should footballers be paid more than soldiers?
Ikrah Batool
Is it really fair that footballers get paid so many millions more than a soldier does in a single year?
Thousands of soldiers put their lives at risk for the safety of your country, slaving day in day out with minimal rest, sleeping in the horrendous heat and fighting in the freezing cold in the night. Whereas footballers just train for ninety minutes a day and then go home to their nicely warmed and cooled pad and rest. And this is what footballers get paid hundreds of thousands of pounds a week for!
Steven Gerrard reportedly earns £140,000 a week for kicking a ball around for ninety minutes. On the other hand a first class private earns just £14,000 a week for which they risk getting seriously hurt and probably traumatized for life and to support ...view middle of the document...

Troops have to do their job in all conditions whereas footballers cancel their match if it’s too rainy or if they have a slight sprained ankle. Soldiers are, of course at risk of losing an arm and a leg, not just a sprained ankle.
Is it fair?
Soldiers don’t complain about this obvious injustice “it’s not about the money, it’s about helping the country” said Harris Takar, is a former soldier, displaying the kind of modesty you don’t see from footballers.
Isn’t time to put an end to this terrible injustice?
Some people may argue that footballers are more talented or that soldiers sometimes cause problems in occupied areas. But these people fail to understand is that soldiers are just doing their jobs to keep the citizens of your country safe.
It is sometimes suggested that people with talent should be paid more instead these people are oblivious to the fact that you obviously need skill to fight and shoot with accuracy. There is possibly an argument that footballers should be paid more than soldiers because footballers have a shorter career, retire early and so need the money. But not that much!
In addition to this, soldiers should not be paid more than footballers because footballers do not cause harm: clearly soldiers are trained to kill people whereas footballers clearly do not. On the other hand soldiers obviously only kill people because they have to keep all these citizens and especially all those ungrateful footballers from invaders from other countries. If soldiers did not do this then who would? Because footballers definitely would not!
However footballers are excellent entertainers and maybe therefore should be paid more, whereas soldiers do not sacrifice their lives to entertain people they sacrifice their life for the sake of people they do not even know, people who don’t even appreciate them or their work.
Do you think this is fair?
Should there not be an end put to this patent injustice?

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