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Football Essay

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i don't have a paper. While the Brothers Glazer have been hailed as everything from geniuses to gangsters for procuring Jon Gruden to be their head coach, it should be noted that they also have been incredibly fortuitous.

Remember, they tried to get Gruden from the Raiders before, and Al Davis was not willing to negotiate then. For some reason, he was willing Sunday night. If Davis had not been willing, the Bucs would not have Gruden or Steve Mariucci. The Glazers, then, almost assuredly would not have been able to hire the kind of head coach they wanted, or repair the damage to their reputation. Remember, they had already whiffed at almost every pitch they had taken in the coaching process.

So the Glazers should be very grateful indeed to Davis. He gave them more than a coach. He gave them respect from their ...view middle of the document...

Gruden is a better choice for the Bucs than Mariucci. In order to get Gruden, the Bucs didn't have to give him the general manager title. They would have had to give Mariucci the title to get him. The potential is there for a stronger organization with Gruden. One of the reasons the Bucs job initially was so attractive is the Bucs organization has been one of the league's best because of people like GM Rich McKay, personnel director Tim Ruskell and defensive coordinator Monte Kiffen.

Hopefully, the process of hiring a head coach hasn't damaged the Bucs to the point where the strengths have become weaknesses. The Bucs need McKay and Ruskell to provide a strong complement to Gruden.

Gruden is a better choice for the Bucs than Marvin Lewis. Gruden is a proven head coach, and a special one. Lewis has great potential, but he hasn't done it yet.

Gruden is a better choice than Tony Dungy. I wasn't in favor of firing Dungy, who has outstanding qualities as a head coach, but Gruden will be capable of lifting this particular team higher. The Bucs might have been getting a little complacent and stale with Dungy's trusting leadership. Gruden will shake them up. Also, Gruden will fix the hole that has sunk the Bucs' ship every year -- the offense. While Dungy was a defensive specialist, Gruden specializes in offense, and that is what this team most needs.

As for the Raiders, Davis did the right thing by accepting the Bucs' offer, because he was going to lose Gruden after this year anyway. The Raiders will be better off long term with the draft picks (provided they use them more judiciously than they have some of their recent draft picks) than they would have with Gruden for one year.

The Bucs can give Gruden something the Raiders never could: a management team that will support him and get out of the way.

Imagine how good Gruden can be now.

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