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Food Service Essay

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FSM 3603


The Javanese people migrated from Central Java, Indonesia to Malaysia from 1880 to 1930. They migrated to seek a new life away from Dutch colonists who ruled Indonesia at that time. Today they moved along throughout Peninsular Malaysia in parts of Perak, Selangor, and Kedah. There are also isolated communities in coastal areas of Sabah. The Javanese peoples also have their own food that ...view middle of the document...

Different cities have different types of foods. Just like Malaysia which is have different types of foods with different cities and places. For example, in Yogyakarta the most famous dishes that popular among the villagers are Gudeg which is one of the traditional food from Yogyakarta which is made from young jackfruit that being boiled with palm sugar for several hours. This dish has a unique sweet and savoury taste at which reddish in colour. There are many types of others food in Yogyakarta for example Ayam Goreng Kilasan, Sego Kucing, Bakpia, Malioboro and Ronde.
Besides that, each of the states and cities has their different types of food which is differ in terms of its food presentation, flavour, taste and colour. For example in Solo state familiar with Nasi Liwet, Tongseng, Tengkleng, Bakso and Timlo whereas in Semarang state, food such as Lumpia Semarang which is a fried steamed spring rolls. The filling varies but mainly of meats and bamboo shoots. It also served with fermented soybean sauce. Other dishes are Wingko Babat and Soto Bandeng Juwana. Meanwhile, in Banyumas state peoples can find food such as Nasi Bogana, Sate Ambal and Mendoan.
In order hand, the common Javanese dishes which can be simplified as below :

Sate | Skewered meat. For example Sate Tegal, Sate Ambal, Sate Soto and many more |
Soto | Indonesian soup dish. Examples are chicken soto, Soto Lamongan, Soto Babat and many more |
Tumpeng | * Rice served in conical volcano shape which is usually in yellow colour because of turmeric usage. * Served alongside with fried chicken, boiled egg andvegetables |
Tempeh | A meat substitute made from soy bean that being fermented with mold. |
Kripik tempe | Chips made from thinly sliced, battered and deep fried tempeh. |
Gorengan | Assorted fritters such as tempeh, tofu, yam, sweet potato, cassava and chopped vegetebles. |
Pecel | Peanut sauce with chilli. |
Urap Sayur | Vegetables in spiced grated coconut dressing. |
Sayur Lodeh | Assorted vegetables which is being stewed in coconut milk. |
Buntil | Traditional Javanese dish of scarped coconut milk with anchovies and spices, wrapped in a papaya leaf and then being boiled in coconut milk. |
Klepon | A glutinous rice ball stuffed with palm sugar, coloured green from pandan leaf and rolled in fresh grated coconut. |
Botok | Shredded coconut flesh which has been squeezed of its coconut milk and being wrapped in banana leaf and steamed. |
As we can see above, there are very unique name and many types of Javanese dishes that we did not know. The foods are not only come out with variety of flavour and taste but also differ in term of their food presentation and description of the ingredients that being used in those dishes.

As we all know, we have many kind of different types of foods which is mostly of the foods is being brought or practice by the different type of cultures such as Java,...

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