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Food Security Essay

2014 words - 9 pages

 Introduction

 Abstract

 Aspects of food security

 Food access
 Food utilization
 Food stability
 Food availability

 Challenges to achieving food security

 Conclusion

 Reference

Food security is one of the leading projects in the world especially in Africa. Inadequacy of food is a, major problem in the world after globalization .Food production and also quality is also sensitive to quality of water and soil, presence of pest band diseases and other biophysical influences. Food security is the availability of food and the access to it, all people should have physical and economic access, adequate amount of ...view middle of the document...

Worldwide, about 925 million people are chronically hungry due tom extreme poverty, while up to 2 billion people lack food security intermittently due to varying degree of poverty (source fao 2012).The FAO identified the four pillars of food security as availability, access, utilization and stability.
The United Nations (UN) recognizes the right to food in the declaration of human rights in 1948 and has since noted that is vital for the enjoyment of any other rights. According to the world resource institute, global per capital food production has increased substantially. According to the International Centre of Trade and Sustainable development, failed agriculture, market regulation and lack of anti-dumping mechanism engenders much of the world food scarcity and malnutrition. As the late 2012,experts restriction and panic buying, Kenyan shilling depreciated, increased for use of biofuel, world oil at more than sh. 100 per liter, global population growth ,climate change, loss of agricultural land to residential and industrial development and consumes demand in China and india.They are claimed to have pushed up prices of grains. However, the role of some of these factors biofuel has been overplayed as a grain prices have come down to the levels of 2006.Nevertheless ,food riots has recently taken place in many countries across the world.

Food distribution involves the storage, processing, transport, packaging and marketing of food. Food chain and storage technologies on farm can also impact the amount of food wasted in distribution process. Poor transport infrastructure can increase the prices of supplying water and fertilizer as well as the price of moving food to national and global market. Around the world, few individuals or household are continuously self reliant for food. This creates the need for buttering exchange or cash economy to acquire food. The exchange of food requires efficient trading systems and market institutions which has an impact on food security. Per capita world food supplies are more than adequate to provide food security to all. Food supplies are more than adequate to provide all and food accessibility is a greater barrier to achieving food security.
Food access refers to the affordability and allocation of food, as well as the preference of individuals and households. The united nation (UN) committee on r the economic, social and cultural right noted that the cause of hunger and malnutrition are often not scarcity of food but in availability to access the available food. overt can limit the access of food and can also increase ver. salability of individuals or household is to food price spike some .Access depend on whether these food at the household has enough income to purchase food at the prevailing price or has sufficient land and other resources to grow its own food Household with...

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