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Food allergies




Food allergies result from a situation whereby there is an overreaction of the natural defense mechanism of the body when there is exposure to a given food material. In such a scenario, the defense mechanism of the body treats the food substance as an intruder and thus releasing and sending chemicals to protect the body. Food allergy affects both young and old and is a source of concern to medics to find a solution to the challenge. This paper will dwell on elaborating on food allergies resulting from the intake of cow milk.


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Again, I also learnt that some of the parents had the idea that their children had allergic reactions to cow milk but continued to feed them on cow milk because of various reasons. Some parents did not think of cow milk allergies as a serious cause of concern and continued feeding their children on it with the perception that the allergies will disappear once they reach a certain age. To other parents, getting a substitute for cow milk was a challenge and had no option but to feed them on cow milk as long as the reactions were not adverse. To other parents too, acquiring treatment for their children because of milk allergies was not an option because of financial constraints. Some parents, especially in the urban areas were too busy to notice any allergies in their children. To other parents, it was ignorance of the highest order because they did not bother to identify that their children had some allergies, and there was a need for action.

Explaining cow milk allergies.

Cow milk allergies is a common food allergy affecting infants and children. Allergic reactions from cow milk affect two to six percent of infants and children (Sackeyfio et al., 2011). These infants and children begin to show the symptoms of cow milk allergies a few days or months after the intake of cow milk. The symptoms alongside cow milk allergies can be mild or severe, with some causing life-threatening reactions. Different people react differently to the intake of cow milk. Some children and infants may show severe reactions from the consumption of small amounts of cow milk. Others may only show slight reactions from intake of moderate milk amounts. It is unfortunate that allergies from cow milk result in many health challenges in infants and children. In most cases, allergies from cow milk are not frequently diagnosed because some cases take a long time before diagnosis. The good news is that most of these infants and children outgrow the cow milk allergies by the time they reach five years because the allergies are less common in children over five years and adults (Sackeyfio et al., 2011). All in all, it is important for parents to have their children checked once they speculate a cow milk allergy and have them treated with an alternative food supplement recommended if they have to stop intake of cow milk.

What I knew about cow milk allergies

Even before carrying out the research on cow milk allergies, I knew that it affects a large number of children and infants. The most common symptoms associated with cow milk allergies are hives and stomach upsets. I also suspected that most parents continue feeding their children and infants on cow milk despite the...

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