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Food Advertisement Essay

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Advertisements are kind of communication between industries and consumers. Advertisements persuade audiences to purchase their products. Now a days advertisements become the backbone of the industrial world. These advertisements have a huge impact not only on adult audiences but young audiences too. For example the fast food restaurants are selling their unhealthy food with toys and promoting ads on the TV all day long. These promotions are quite appealing for young children and they don’t even know the side effects of these products. The fast food advertisements are compelling their young audiences to eat their unhealthy food and get free toys with the meal. Eating these unhealthy foods ...view middle of the document...

Fast foods are doubly bad for health because they contain high levels of saturated fats and trans-fats, which are raising the blood cholesterol levels.
This coca-cola ad compels the people to drink that cool and cold coca cola, but these cold drinks do not make you cool. It contains loads of sugar and caffeine. They are highly addictive once you start and will be hard to get off them. By looking at this ad you can calculate how much sugar you can take in by drinking this coca. This can increase risks of high sugar diets especially in children and can increase the risk of diabetes, which unchecked can result in the loss of limbs.
For example KFC chicken pot pie has 790 calories. A McDonald's Big Extra Hamburger with cheese has 810 calories. A Burger King's Club chicken and sandwich is loaded with 700 calories. Think that if a person eats 220 more calories a day, he/she will gain one pound of extra fat in a body in two weeks’ time. That means 24 pounds in one year. That is a lot of weight. So we should...

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