Food Adulteration Essay

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I. Introduction:
Food adulteration is a growing problem in Bangladesh as large numbers of consumers have become victims of consuming adulterated foods. This problem is becoming acute day by day. It is becoming essential to find out the reasons of food adulteration and how to solve this problem.
Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has estimated that 45 million people in Bangladesh suffer from food poisoning or some kind of food-borne diseases round the year. Adulteration of food with toxic chemicals harmful to health has reached an epidemic proportion in Bangladesh. The newspapers have out and out conferred it, as the ‘silent killer’. It is now very difficult to find a sector of food ...view middle of the document...

Sometimes water is sprayed over the grain stock to increase the weight.
Adulteration of fats and oils is easy and cannot be easily detected. Ghee (butter oil) is adulterated with hydrogenated oil and animal fats. Recently, because of the discovery of synthetic colors and flavors, any fat can be made to look like ghee and customers may easily be cheated.
The adulteration of milk is normally done with the addition of water and removal of fat. Sometimes extraneous substances like soybean and groundnut milk, wheat flour, etc are mixed. Selling diluted buffalo milk as cow milk is a common practice in rural areas. Addition of wheat flour, semolina, etc. to milk powder is also common.
Tea leaves may be adulterated with the addition of used tea leaves, sawdust, and dried and ground leaves other than tea leaves. Spices like chilies and turmeric powder are adulterated with the addition of lead pigment to impart brightness in color and good appearance. Chili powder is normally adulterated by adding brick powder. In the name of various fruit juices, imitation products are prepared by using artificial and prohibited ingredients instead of using original fruit juice. Recently, a special drink named mineral water is being prepared and marketed with little or no assurance of quality.

III. Types of food adulteration:
Food is very important for human health if it is pure. But now a day’s foods are becoming adulterated. Adulterated food is very dangerous for human health. Many types of food adulteration are occurring in Bangladesh. Various types of food adulteration are given below:
a) Adulteration in cooked food:
Cooked food means the food that we get after cooking. Actually we found cooked food in hotels or restaurants. People like these food. But now adulteration is occurring on these foods. Hotels and restaurants cook their food in dirty place they also mix toxic element with foods. They use various chemical and color for making the food delicious and attractive.
b) Adulteration in fish:
Adulteration in fish is the most common type of adulteration in Bangladesh. Fish is very common food for Bangladeshi people. But this fish is also becoming adulterated. Fish is a ratable rotting item that’s why fish businessman gives a chemical to fish named formalin. Formalin helps the fish to look fresh. But this formalin is very harmful for human body. Formalin is responsible for various diseases.
c) Adulteration in vegetables:
Vegetables which are the main part of everybody meals rich or poor, president or a common man. This segment is very much targeted for adulteration and in every phase from farms till it reaches market for selling adulteration is practiced. Farmer injects growth hormones to get more produce in short time. Most of the vegetables you buy from the market are treated with a heavy dose of pesticides. Some have even been dipped in harmful chemical solutions to make them look fresh and attractive. Many vegetables are given a dose of artificial...

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