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Food Action Plan Essay

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Jake Welton
Period 4

In order to change my diet to be more environmentally friendly I decided to replace drinks like orange juice with water. In addition I felt that cutting portion size is both healthier and better for the environment. Overall, replacing drinks with water is healthier and also conserves sugar and other resources like oranges used to make such drinks. This also reduces the amount of land required to support my individual consumption, leaving more for the rest of the global population, and reducing my footprint. Cutting portion size is very important as well because the less food consumed per individual decreases the overall demand for food in the United Sates. This results in less land used to support my individual consumption because I am eating significantly less per year.
The food in my diet did not change very much but the portion size of the food I ate did. In terms of ...view middle of the document...

Chicken was the only resource that saw an increase, this was because I felt adding more protein to my diet was better for my health and did not have a severe environmental impact.
The resources used to produce and transport my food were most likely water, pesticides, fossil fuels, corn, and many more. The water was used for both the plants and animals that needed it. Pesticides were used for the variety of vegetables that I ate, the rice, and the wheat. Fossil fuels were essential in the transportation of the food to the grocery store that I bought the food from. Fossil fuels were also crucial for the machinery that was used on the farms and the areas were the animals were. Lastly, corn was used to most likely feed the chicken I ate and maybe even the fish. As a result of my action plan all of the resources needed for my individual consumption went down because I am eating less. If the entire country implemented such changes there would be a significant decrease in the amount of resources used.
The land needed to produce my food went from 139,658.814 square meters to 56,751.365. That is a significant change and it came as a result of eating smaller potions, using healthier and more ecological alternatives such as drinking water in the morning instead of orange juice, and getting rid of unnecessary calories. To get rid of unnecessary calories means not eating myself to the brim, for example, in the morning I stopped eating toast with my eggs.
I think that in moderation my food action plan will continue to be in place. Some days, depending on time, sports, and other activities, may demand that I eat more in order to have more energy- thus resulting in a deviation from this action plan. However, on average I think cutting my portion size and eating more manageably are things I will continue to do. I plan on buying locally grown foods in order to lessen the impact on the environment that comes by way of transportation. In addition, keeping an eye on the impact I have on the environment is important in order to keep my impact in a sustainable range.

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