Food Essay

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Faculty of Business Administration
Department of Management
BBA Program

UNIFIED COURSE OUTLINE (Mandatory, to be carried by faculty and students for all classes)

Term: Summer 2013-2014
II - Credit: 3 Credits
III - Course Description:
Human being is the most complicated formation with a complex behavior which is obviously predictable. Organization is managed by human beings and business is done through and for human beings. This course enlightens the students in understanding why human being behaves the way s/he ...view middle of the document...

• And finally rewarding the students with The Best Project & The Best Presentation Awards on completion of the course.
V – Topics to be Covered

|TOPICS |Specific Objective(s) |Chapters |Suggested Activities |Teaching Strategy(s) |
|AIUB Mission & Vision |To understand the main purpose and the objective | |There will be: |To make the class more of a |
| |of the University and BBA dept | |Discussions |place of learning, there |
| | | |Individual analysis |will be: |
| | | |Group analysis |Informal workshop |
| | | |Self assessment |Training |
| | | |Skills for Communication |Symposium |
| | | |Case Studies |Sharing |
| | | | |Presentation |
| | | | |Reading Assignments |
| | | | |Literature Exploration |
| | | | |Field Work |
|Introduction to Behavioural |To present and discuss the overview of the course;|1 | | |
|Science |the requirement and activities to be undertaken by| | | |
| |both the teacher and the students | | | |
|Foundation of Individual |Here we will try to understand in detail the basic|2 | | |
|Behaviour & Perception |elements of Human Behaviour, Personality, | | | |
| |Character and how do they function and...

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