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Following The Wrong Footsteps Essay

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Following the Wrong Footsteps

For much of Public School's history, the academic standards had little to do with whether or not you were a male or a female. Much of one's placement in a classroom or school depended on the age or academic standing. Other issues such as the consolidation of schools and the Americanization of immigrants were given a higher placement of importance. The subject of gender was almost taken for granted and when the issue did intrude, historically the reaction was one of arbitrary response. The public was much more concerned with the development of their men than the equality of their children (Pollard, 1993.)

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Teacher Expectations and Learning Environments

In addition to poor teacher training; culture stereotypes and the expectations of these teachers are what diminish a girl's self-esteem and confidence. This is turn continues to cheat girls out of the education they deserve (Miller, 2001). What has created this phenomenon of discrimination is not something of a natural occurrence, but one of social distortion. A patriarchal superiority has been created until the physical oppression and social alienation of girls will be carried out not only by the pre-conceived notions of others, but by the socially constructed awareness of one's own place within the students themselves. This is hardly an escapable force as it is maintained by the differences with which boys and girls have learned to see themselves (Nigles, 2001).

When children go to school they bring their family life with them, well it is the same for teachers. If a teacher has grown up to think and feel a certain way than it is almost inevitable for them to carry that attitude toward their students. If asked, most teachers will say they harbor no discrimination toward their students based on gender, however research done over the past thirty years has shown the continuity of gender based discrimination inside the classroom and unequal treatment between girls and boys.
In all levels, subject areas, and in all school environments, males will receive more attention and feedback within the classroom (Davis, 2000). In the British Journal of Sociology of Education (1993), it was concluded that some teachers were aware of the male domination in their classes, however they took no action in order to increase that of the female participation during class time.

Teachers will ultimately interact more with the males, whether it be corrective or appraisal, and they will interact in more one on one conversations with their male students. On the other hand, females receive less precise feedback to assist them in grasping certain subject matter as well as subtle hints that they are less likely to be able to solve problems on their own (Sadker and Sadker, 1994). Although some advancements have been made, such as Title IX, a law forbidding any unnecessary discriminations towards any Government funded programs on the bases of sex or gender, inequities at the ideological level still persist (Nigles, 2001). This is due to the fact that these steps forward have failed to prepare our teachers to confront their own gender biases as well as how to be aware of the impact that this discrepancy.

Physical Education

It is often overlooked that it is what students have been conditioned to think, believe, and do on a daily basis that gives gender such a widespread growth process. Because girls and boys see themselves as what they play, how they play, and whom they play with, they are destined to feel a social estrangement from each other. It is the origin of this concept that is so...

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