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Following My Own Happiness Or Following My Parents

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“Don’t be too close to him, you’re too young, you might get hurt.” These are some pieces of advice I could still remember when I felt a strange feeling of happiness, a feeling wherein it seemed that my heart is jumping up and down. Asking myself, am I in love? But then because of my immaturity, I disregard my parents’ advice. I let myself being close to him and unfortunately, in the end I got dumped and left alone full of pain and all I can do is to cry.
I think this is usual to us in our adolescence days. There really comes a time ...view middle of the document...

But, then I never answered him because it seems I felt it is not yet the right time for me to be committed to someone. I said that let’s just be happy on what we are now, I thought he understands me but then just right after my 18th birthday, he texted me and said that he needed space and he just go away explaining nothing. In that way I ended up hating him. This experience was the most regretful in my 18 years of existence, for not following my parents. I am not the only one who was hurt but also my parents who wants nothing but the best for me. I disappointed them; and even if I disobey them they are still the one whom I can lean on.
Well, after that incident, I just realized that if only I followed my parents’ advice, not to be close to him I will not be hurt so much. I am also happy that this incident happened because I wouldn’t realize that I am too selfish and I am not appreciating the people who truly love me. Well, that’s the reality, only change is constant here on Earth. I am really thankful for my parents. We should always remember that everything that our parents advise us is only for our own sake. And now I am glad that I can proudly say that I am still a member of NBSB or popularly known as No Boyfriend Since Birth.

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