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Focusing On A Sustainable Future: Development Reform In Rwanda

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Focusing on a Sustainable Future: Development Reform in Rwanda

In 1994 Rwanda faced a mass genocide that wiped out one million people, approximately eleven percent of the population. In the wake of this crisis many skilled nationals fled the nation or were brutally murdered by the revolting Hutu Extremist. Even after the return of many of the nationals who fled the nation and billions of dollars in foreign aid and investment Rwanda still ranks among the top fifteen poorest nations in the world today. In order for Rwanda to lift themselves from poverty they need to:
 Concentrate on the education of their large youth population in order to develop more skilled workers in the nation and ...view middle of the document...

o Rwanda relies heavily on agriculture especially the coffee industry which is sufficed by unskilled labor. The industry is cyclical and prices can have a large deviation. If the country wants to achieve sustainable growth they need to diversify. Exhibit B exemplifies the reliance on the coffee industry, showing that coffee constitutes almost all of Rwanda’s exports.
o Rwanda is invested 90% in the agricultural industry and only 10% in the industry and service sector.
 Rwanda should educate the population about the Truth and Reconciliation Committee and other programs that seek to help the victims of the genocide reach some sort of closure so they can move forward with their lives.
o Almost half the Rwandan children lost at least one parent and if children and others in the population cannot forgive it is hard to move forward and concentrate on re-building the economy

Reduce the birthrate
Rwanda is the most densely populated country in Africa, and due to the large population it is hard to achieve universal initiatives through the government since the infrastructure, lands, jobs, and systems in place are inadequate for such a large population.
 There are too many people to feed so it takes an extensive amount of foreign aid to feed the country adequately for even a day.
o There is a production shortage to feed the whole population and 60% of the population lives below the poverty line.
o It cost over one million dollars a day just to feed the refugees in camps across Rwanda, a country the size of Maryland.
 The poverty rate is higher due to over-population because people are forced to cultivate a small amount of land.
o Ninety percent of the population is involved in agriculture and they do not make the returns they need to live comfortably since the land is divided among the whole population and the amount of land available for cultivating is extremely limited.
o The entire country relies on the same industries so they are extremely vulnerable to changes in prices especially coffee, which recently declined in price and hurt the economy badly.
 Environmental degradation occurs since every inch of land is occupied other than a few Rwandan national forests. People need the land to make their living on agriculture. Rwanda should delve into more industries so that they are not as reliant on the land. They can get more production by allowing for the efficient farmers to stay in...

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