Focus On Plessy V. Ferguson, A Very Important Supreme Court Decision In 1896. What Effect Did It Have On The Jim Crow Laws?

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Chapter 19
Focus on Plessy v. Ferguson, a very important Supreme Court decision in 1896. What effect did it have on the Jim Crow laws?

The African Americans was not treated equally within society. Many of their problems went to court to be fought for but it would be very hard for them to accomplish this because they whites did not want to give them much power. They fought to receive equal voting rights and equal protection for the African Americans within the south. The whites would murder them just so that they could keep control and not the African Americans. There was the civil war that was lead to equal right between the both races but the Jim Crow laws was not for this but racial segregation. However, the Plessy V. Ferguson a court decision is 1896 lead to separate but equal rights for towards both races.
The Jim Crow laws was very specific on what African American could do with and around white they ...view middle of the document...

Phone companies had to have separate boots for white and blacks so they would not use the phone section. They also had separate streetcars, public waiting rooms, restaurants, boardinghouses, theaters, and public parks were segregated; separate schools, hospitals, and other public institutions.
The Plessy v. Ferguson was a very important court decision within the society. This court decision constitutionality of segregation under the Separate but equal doctrine. This were all races would be treated equal not one treated better than the other. This would help to eliminate them having conflict and war within the society. This idea came from African American train passengers Homer Plessy refused to sit in a Jim Crow, breaking a Louisiana law. He was brought to court for breaking the law, Once it went to court it show that white had more dominate. So they had to be equal with everything across the board with the two races.
Plessy v. Ferguson very important court decision had a great impact on Jim Crow laws. This would have to lead to many things been change in that law to provide equality amongst the races within the society to avoid conflicts and peace. It was said to be equal until it got challenge by Ferguson within the court. This lead to African Americans able to vote or to serve with the jury. This started in the south but then went ahead and spread out throughout the country for equal rights for races. With this been done it grant African American allot of privilege and equality.
All in all if Plessy V. Ferguson did not sit on the train within the white section and refuse to move then there would not be a change within the society for better. This lead to him going to court but he fighting for equality amongst all race is what gave African Americans many privileges because before that they were not treated equal and there was some places where they were not allow to go. This change for the best and it also eliminate war because African American did not think they were treated fear and this would have lead to another war. They were not even able to be in jury and make court decision that they would have to like by before but this change after Ferguson fight within the court.

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