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Florida First Time Home Buyers Grants

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All About Florida First Time Home Buyer Grants

Home buyers in Florida can find a host of websites the tell them all about Florida first time home buyer grants, but ask for money up front before providing the information. There are, however, a few non-profit organizations along with the State of Florida that will help home buyers will winning one of the many grants provided for Florida residents.

The Florida Department of Community Affairs is the first place a first time home buyer should go to learn about all the grants available. The department has several programs available for buyers wanting to receive a grant to help them with the initial cost of buying and then closing on their first home.

The main grant provided by the department is the Community Development Block Grant or the Low Income Home Energy Assistance grant. The state outlines ...view middle of the document...

It is highly recommended that this assistance is taken because if the procedures and paperwork are not followed correctly, then the grant or loan will be denied costing the home buyer valuable time. The state goes out of its way to help individuals buy their first home and it will benefit the buyer when they decide to use this assistance. The department gets to know the individuals and the individuals get to know the department. This will only make the process of receiving the grant go more smoothly and let the department know that the buyers involved took their advice.

These two grant programs are just a few of the many grants that home buyers can qualify for and the department has available. Each individual wanting a grant should go to the department’s website and see what other grants they may qualify. The site also lists information about income limits, descriptions of each grant and many other resources for first time home buyers.

Individuals can also visit the non-profit organization, Florida Supportive Housing Coalition, which provides housing assistance to individuals who need special attention.
This non-profit was set up in 2001 and has a host of programs as well as funding opportunities for first time home buyers.

It is always important for the home buyers to visit the HUD website no matter what state they may live. HUD not only has an enormous amount of grants available, but many of the grant opportunities go unclaimed because few people know that they exist. The grants then go unclaimed and first time buyers loose the funding because of not knowing that the assistance is there from the federal government.

Knowing all about Florida first time home buyer grants can be challenging and time consuming, but all the effort is worth the time when that first grant is received and individuals move into their first home. Individuals do need to know that they can apply for more than one grant at a time as long as they meet all the qualifications set out by the state or federal government.

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