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Flight Retail Essay

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rom our local competitors, which sponsor few promotions. From the Perry Claw Rock Festival to The Llama races, The Boulder Stop will seek to create high-impact local events that create consumer recall and increase foot traffic.
Our prices are competitive, but we do not compete on price. We will not match prices; we will simply perform monthly competitive shopping trips to gauge the average prices for goods.
Our store and location give us a competitive advantage. The Boulder Stop is located within 1/4 mile of Smith Rock itself, and within walking distance of the park.
Our opportunities for differentiating on service are limited. Our part-time staff are experienced rock climbers, and are ...view middle of the document...

m. This will give hard-core climbers an opportunity to exchange stories and relax in our cafe, away from their nemesis: 'yuppie tourists'.
The weekend warriors won't feel excluded from the gear, and will also partake of the bargain bin. The warriors will find comfort in the cafe area, where they can talk about their pursuits rather than challenge them on the rock face. These people are not in great shape, and are likely to flock to the store as early as 3:00 p.m. for ice cream and cookies. We'll have extra staff on hand during these times.
The curious are difficult to gauge. They will flow in and out all day, and are likely to peruse our magazine rack for hours (we've allowed for the magazine write-offs). This customer base is our most lucrative, and is most likely to buy an iced espresso and/or ice cream before or after their short day hikes. Since espresso is a cash cow for us, we'll offer them a solid selection of beverages so nobody's disappointed.

3.7.2 Price
We are a store that is positioned for impulse buying; therefore, it is important that we maintain a flexible pricing strategy.
Our pricing strategy will be based on competitive parity guidelines. We will not exceed competitors' prices by more than 10%.
Price says a lot about a product. The products that are innovative and not available elsewhere in the region will be marked up to meet the demand curve. We are not afraid of premium pricing a premium product.
Espresso beverages will be priced a little below the industry...

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