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Flight Illusion Essay

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uses on a dim/bright light surrounded by darkness autokinetic effect occurs. A pilot may loss situational awareness by illusion and mislead the flight route if fail to maintain the flight’s instruments. It may appear to a pilot that object light is to make small, erratic movements. It can cause the person viewing to make minor head and body movements are realign with the moving ...view middle of the document...

It is an obvious hazard to pilots on the light deck.

A relative motion illusion is a common illusory problem that most of pilots experience during the flight. It needs to be taken very seriously because mid air collision may occur because of this common illusory problem. An aircraft initially appears way higher altitude at a distance may pass the observer way below altitude. In this circumstance, if both pilots decide to change altitude even though the ground control centre confirms the both aircraft’s altitude, they possibly create a collision. In other words, when flying parallel to another aircraft, using peripheral vision, confusing the motion of other aircraft approaching as drifting away of own aircraft. On 29/6/2011, ATSB reference 201104573, Georgetown in Queensland east 9km, the pilot in flight 208B reported that an aircraft crossing their track at the same altitude. Attempt to contact the other aircraft were unsuccessful. There was no mid-air collision, however it shows how relative motion illusion is hazard to pilots.

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