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Flight Centre & Segmentation Essay

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1. Travel agency customers have varied needs and wants, and come from different walks of life. Accordingly, in order to compete effectively in this sector, agencies must concentrate their marketing efforts on those customers that are mostly likely to purchase from them including by:
a) Identifying and profiling consumers who differ in their needs and preferences, and aggregating those consumers with similar needs (market segmentation);
b) Choosing which market segments to enter (market targeting); and
c) For each segment, establishing and communicating the distinctive benefit of the agency’s market offering (market positioning).

2. Flight Centre Limited (FCL) is a leading ...view middle of the document...

Student Flights :

Student Flights is FCL’s targeted and niche youth and adventure brand, targeting Generation X and Y (predominantly aged between 18 and 30 years) student travellers, adventure seekers, independent travellers and those on working holidays. Shops are located in High Streets, near major universities/TAFE campuses, shopping centres, transport hubs and in high foot traffic locations. Its diverse product range includes tours and activities, music festivals, events, sailing and contemporary cruising, overseas working holidays, teaching opportunities and volunteering programs.
4. FCL has positioned its various offerings so that they are distinctive in its customers’ minds so there is little chance of the market being confused with the positioning or target market of each of these brands. Additionally, the brands’ websites have a strong affinity with their target markets, even down to terminology used to describe the price guarantee, allowing FCL to successfully integrate the online positioning with its direct retailing. Most consumers would not be aware that these brands are all owned by FCL – the fact that these are part of a house of brands, as opposed to a branded house, allows FCL to clearly differentiate these brands from each...

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