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Flight 93 And Utilitarianism In Times Of Crisis

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Flight 93 and Utilitarianism in Times of Crisis
Consider Flight 93 on September 11, 2001. Thinking as a utilitarian, in 350-500 words explain what your position would have been if the plane had been shot down by United States armed forces rather than having crashed as a result of the passengers' actions. Are we more likely to accept the idea of utilitarianism in a time of crisis? If so, does that make the theory acceptable? Explain.
I remember this time clear in my mind and the first thought in my head when the first plane hit the first tower in New York City that it was a hoax or a prank. After the second plane hit the other tower I did not know what to think and the feeling ...view middle of the document...

The pentagon was the next target that was successfully struck by a third plane and the fourth plane was airborne towards Washington D.C. with an unknown target but some heroic citizens deiced to change the fate of this plane. The hostages aboard Flight 93 successfully fought the terrorist group aboard which lead to the sad ending of Flight 93 crashing into the ground in Pennsylvania. A lot of people did not know what to think or how to digest such acts of violence carried out towards innocent people. Clearly from a utilitarian point of view in any event, always act towards a situation to what will bring the most happiness to everyone. So if everyone is upset and confused it is given that the mental state of a population is clouded and terrorism has instilled fear into the hearts of people. I think the way the events unfolded for Flight 93 truly brought a utility to most people because of that fact only the people aboard the aircraft died and they fought for what seemed right of saving others from perishing. This could be conceived as egoism but what if they did not fight back and this plane hit the White House or the Capital Building. The people aboard this...

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