Flexible Scheduling At Wal Mart: Good Or Bad For Employees?

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They based their decisions in part on current store promotions as well as on weekly sales data from the previous year. Typically, the process required full day of effort for a store manager. Multiply that labor intensity by the number of stores in a chain and you have an expensive task with results that are marginally beneficial to the company. By using a computerized scheduling system, such as the system from Kronos that Wal-Mart adopted, a retail enterprise can produce work schedules for every store in its chain in a matter of hours. Meanwhile, store managers can devote their time to running their individual stores more effectively. The Kronos scheduling system tracks individual store sales, transactions, unit sold, and customer traffic. The system logs these metrics over 15-minutes increment for seven weeks at a time, and then measures them against the same data from the previous year. It can also integrate data such as the number of instore customers at certain hours or the average time required to sell a television set or unloading a truck and predicting the number of workers needed at any given hour. A typical result of this type of scheduling might call for a sparse staff early in the day, a significant increase for the midday rush, scaling back toward the end of the afternoon, and then fortifying the staff once again for an evening crowd. However, for a chain like Wal-Mart, which operates thousands of 24hour stores and has also run into trouble previously for its labor practices, the transition to a computerized scheduling system has resulted in controversy. For Wal-Mart, using Kronos translates to improved productivity and customer satisfaction. Management reported a 12-percent gain in labor productivity in the quarter ending January 31, 2008. For Wal-Mart employees, known to the company as associates, the change may decrease the stability of their jobs and, possibly, create financial hardship. The scheduling generated by Kronos can be unpredictable, requiring associated to be more flexible with their work hours. Stores may ask them to be on call in case of a rush, or to go home during a slow spell. Irregular hours, and inconsistent paychecks, make it more difficult for employees to organize their lives, from scheduling babysitters to paying bills. 2|Page

Alerts from the system may also enable store managers to avoid paying...

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