Flawed Humanity Essay

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“Everybody’s different. Nobody’s perfect.”
Striving for excellence motivates you; striving for perfection is demoralizing.  ~Harriet Braiker |

Those are the words our mothers told us when we were little. Growing up, though, society has bombarded us with exactly the opposite. We must become perfect. We must have the drop dead body, blemish free face, and gorgeous hair. Seeing models running around as a size two portrays an image of perfection. Models also give false advertisement to the men out there; we aren’t all a perfect size two.
There are so many lives that have been

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Within the past decade, the media has been very influential on people, especially younger girls. You can’t go anywhere without seeing something that relates to beauty. Although I think that beauty is important, it shouldn’t be our main priority. Yet, the media portrays it to be just that. According to World Watch, the United States alone spent $8 billion annually on cosmetics. That number has gone up considerably in the past few years. We spend just about as much money on cosmetics as we do pet food which is about $16 million, according to World Watch.
People will forget what you said but they will never forget what you do. That statement has run through my mind throughout the years and I could never pinpoint what it was about it that was bugging me. One day, it hit me. People say that words don’t matter and you’ll eventually forget what they said but I disagree with that. If someone calls you fat, you’ll never forget it. If the media says you need to be a size two to be considered healthy, you can’t seem to forget that either. It’s not just the words media has pounded into our heads; they’ve also put pictures into our minds. Those images are young women with the perfect body and face; visual images we will never forget.
I am just a statistic. I want to look skinnier. I want to feel accepted. I go walking around wondering if I’ll ever be that perfect size; wondering if I’ll ever be loved for who I am. What people need to start realizing is it doesn’t matter as much about who you are on the outside as much as it does about who you are on the inside. So don’t pay attention to the media’s frivolous comments instead strut your walk. “Everybody’s different.” “Nobody’s perfect.” Maybe we need to try to remember those words of truth spoken to us long ago.

“Nobody’s perfect.” is a very common saying that most people just brush off as an unimportant comment; however, they rarely realize how true it can actually be. This expression exemplifies the fact that everybody has countless faults. For example, one can be unknowingly prejudice against certain people. One can also have mixed feelings (such as of love and hate) toward people. Numerous stories attempt to depict these human weaknesses. Two of these stories, the film School Ties and the book A Separate Peace by John Knowles, portray this point very well through the comparisons of characters, settings, and themes.

A Separate Peace and School Ties contain very similar aspects of their characters. Two of these people who share the same qualities are Brinker and Rip. Brinker, from the novel, sets up a mock trial in order to uncover the truth about why Finny fell out of the tree. During this trial, he remains impartial toward quarrels among the students, thus allowing himself to do what is right. Like Brinker, Rip’s highest priority is being truthful. For example, he reveals who actually cheated on the history test, even though it is his good friend Dillon. In addition to Brinker and Rip, Finny and...

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