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Five Party Talks In North Korea

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Option 5: Four-party Talks

North Korea is an immediate threat, but we must remember that it is a passive one. They don’t want war with the United States, for that would inevitably lead to their destruction. The only real threat the North Korean government poses is its tendency to sell its nuclear arms to other countries and its reluctance to cooperate in diplomatic negotiations. It is in the interest of all East Asian countries to have North Korea’s nuclear weapon production brought to an end, but Japan and Russia’s participation in the talks is unnecessary. The United States should have discussions with only South Korea, North Korea, and China to make the talks more efficient and ...view middle of the document...

However, in a four-party scenario, both North and South Korea would have a strong supporter behind them and the playing field would be equal. Japan and Russia have little reason to be at the talks and their presence in the six-party talks only made the process slower. In order to maximize efficiency, only the key players in this conflict should be a part of the discussions. China is the key North Korean ally similar to the way the Americans are allied with South Korea, so there is little need for anyone else to be present. China and the United States will grow closer to each other and be more inclined to work together, while North Korea and South Korea will have an opportunity to discuss their goals and how they can work together to achieve them.
China, although it agrees with the United States on most issues regarding North Korea, has never tried very hard to negotiate with the North Koreans. The United States needs to get the Chinese more involved with the conflict and discuss potential solutions in greater depth. We must remember that China doesn’t want a nuclear-capable North Korea any more than we do, and that China’s influence will be the deciding factor in North Korea’s actions. With the closer ties resulting from the four-party talks, the United States and China will finally be able to work side by side on the issue. The ideal...

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