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Fis Project Team Case Study

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In the case of the FIS project team there were several underlying problems that ultimately caused the company enormous problems with its client. The group failed to display the characteristics that showed they were working as a whole team. Further compounding the problem was an issue with the immediate leadership from the project manager and the team leader. These problems caused the group to lack cohesion and were at the root of the company providing substandard work to the client as well as damaging the company’s reputation.
We can look at the four stages of social dynamics that influence virtual teams and see how the break down in the FSI team occurred. The four stages are interaction ...view middle of the document...

However within the clique the members would freely share the information they had researched with each other. In this phase we can also see how the team leader Rishi was involved in cliques. Rishi would often gossip about team members behind their back to the rest of his clique. Rishi would also gossip about his boss to his subordinates in his clique.
Instead of working as one cohesive team some members choose to work individually or in a small group. There was rivalry between the members of the team and a lack of interaction and participation. The project manager and team leader worked counterproductive to the rest of the members that were not a part of the “in” group. This was done by moving up deadlines, criticizing work in front of the team, belittling group members, and making snide and nasty personal remarks about members. There was little being done to overcome the obstacles that promoted team productivity.
There were several issues with leadership in the project team. The project manager, Philly, had issues with justice, dependability, integrity, and tact. We also see issues with Rishi from a leadership perspective. He showed problems being able to utilize the tact, integrity, and unselfishness traits of leadership.
Philly shows his issues in several ways in dealing with the team and in his responsibilities as a project manager. Philly started to treat one of the team members, Sara, coldly. He began to snub her and when Sara would make suggestions or offer opinions in group meetings Philly would mock her. Yet he showed none of these characteristics to other team members. He failed to treat all member of the team equally. Philly was undependably as a project manager. He would avoid phone calls from the client, fail to make phone calls he had promised to make, delay in answering important emails and showed a general lackadaisical approach to the team. Philly lacked integrity when it came to his dealings with the team members as well. He had moved up one member’s deadline, and although the member was able to complete it and submit it on time, Philly told the entire team that the work was not submitted and used her as an example for the rest of the team. His lack of integrity and making lies about work being completed and his attitude toward returning emails and answering calls showed he had little care for others.
Problems in Philly’s personal life due to an impending divorce caused him to rely on Rishi for making decisions. However, RIshi failed to effectively be a good leader for this team. As the team leader it showed poor tact for Rishi to talk to those subordinates in his clique about the other team members in a negative manner. Doing so undermines the team member and team leader relationship knowing that certain members will be receiving better treatment. The choice of Rishi to deliberately present rough draft work to the clients as final work showed that he had an integrity problem and was selfish. He intentionally knew...

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