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First Industrial Revolution Essay

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First Industrial Revolution
Kathryn Nicole Lindsey
Western Governors University

The Industrial Revolution started in England in the late eighteenth century when company men used the power of the streams nearby to help power the factories. Everything use to be handmade before this. Suddenly mills and factories were producing textiles faster than ever with the help of machines. The Industrial Revolution secret soon left England because a young man named Samuel Slater, who stole the technology by remembering the plans for the mills. Slater stowed away onboard a ship and brought America the Industrial Revolution. Slater was then known as the “Father of the Industrial ...view middle of the document...

(HistoryChannel, N/A) This was also around the time that the rich guy got richer and they built large beautiful homes so that they could live like kings while the poor lived in run down housing and in slums. These run down conditions were not safe for anyone to actually live in. The quarters were small and cramped spaces and were fire dangers and did not provide adequate fresh area to the area. It was until the early twentieth century, that they called the Progressive Era, which government started to interfere and overtake laws that rectified some of the cruel consciences of the Industrial Revolution. (Ashton, 1948)
The changes that the Industrial Revolution brought helped paved the way straight to Capitalism. Companies bought new machinery that could produce their goods cheaper and faster than before. Before these machines only the wealthy could afford to run a company and pay their workers. This allowed the creation of the economic system of Capitalism. With all the major changes taking place in the revolution caused the general population to lose jobs. With privately owned factories the owners were the ones becoming wealthy from the items they sold. Minimum wage and safety controls were not set during this time so the employees did see the same benefits that they owners saw. There was a great divide between Capitalist and the general population when it came to a standard of living and wealth. The poor worked their butts off and little to no pay while the business owners reaped the benefits and not allowing their employees to see any of the extra money that was brought in. (Chambliss, 1973) During the early stages of Capitalism you can distinctively determine the divide between the poor workers and the rich owners. The poor finally took stand for their self and began to protest the unfairness of their working conditions and pay. This unfairness led to the idea of Communism.

Capitalism leads to a couple different things that began communism during this time. It first started by forming large inconsistency of wealth, but there were more people who were poor than there were rich. This also led to many of the wealthy becoming poor too. Secondly, uncontrolled capitalism...

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