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First Impression Essay

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We never get a second chance to make a first impression

Communication is the art of convincing others. A key to effective communication is to make a good first impression. Once we set a good first impression, they frequently stay with us for the life of the relationship. Unfortunately, bad fist impressions have a way of ending even the most profitable relationships before they begin. An initial impression-- whether it is good or bad-- is made within the first three seconds. The first few moments of any contact often affect our relationship with the individual for a lifetime. With our customers, the outcome of the first impression we make can affect our style of life for years to come. Everything we do and say—or fail to do and say—will ultimately affect the impression we make on the people we meet. The key variables that can make the first impression good are voice, appearance, cultural considerations, eye contact, body language, ...view middle of the document...

If our appearance doesn’t match our customers’ expectations, we will loose customers. Does the company have a uniform that specifies what we should wear? Certain clothes naturally go with certain products. It would be inappropriate to wear jeans and a sweatshirt when trying to sell expensive business suits. We should ensure these factors because customers see us before they heat us and form opinions about us and our company.
Cultural considerations: Proper business attire for example varies from country to country. In Singapore, a pair of well-pressed, lightweight slacks, a light-colored shirt and a stripped tie is the most effective business combination. Singaporean rarely wears jackets. We should observe our peers or boss. What do they wear? We wear what we think our customers expect us to wear.
Eye Contact: When we first meet customers, we should greet them, make eye contact, and smile. A friendly greeting and smile while making eye contact tells customers we are interested n them and confident in ourselves.
Body Language: The way we stand can affect the way we feel. Standing straight, with our shoulders back and our head up as we smile into a customer’s eyes communicates confidence, enjoyment and pride in what we’re doing and encourages trust. We always offer a firm not a weak handshake to maintain an eye contact to the customers.
Our interests in our customers always benefit us to better serve them that result in greater customer loyalty ad sales.
We smile at people and show them we are genuinely happy to see them because our smile comes through in our voice. Blind people can almost always tell when someone is smiling at them, and they return that smile.
Being a good listener encourages others to talk about themselves. Knowing the customers’ needs and how can meet that is to be an effective listener. An old saying, “God gave us two ears and only one mouth for a reason.”
Customer is important. We should let them know that they, and their needs, are important to us. As we won’t get a second chance to make first impressions positively, we should focus the statement “What do the customers need? Not what do we want to sell.”

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