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First Generation Studetns Essay

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Katrina Klein
Sean C. Bird
The Washburn Experience
9 March, 2015
First-Generation Students
Many of the first-generation students do not know the advantages they have about being a first-generation student and how to accomplish their goals but with all advantages there is always disadvantages. What exactly is a first generation student? According to the College Board “First-generation students can come from families with low incomes or from middle or higher-income families without a college education. Some have parents who support their plans for higher education while others are under family pressure to enter the workforce right after high school.” (College Board). Most of these ...view middle of the document...

As a first- generation student nobody accomplished an education and one’s family to pursue a degree and it is a huge deal and keeps one motivated to accomplish goals. There are some first-generation students who do not have the support from their families but instead of not attending college they use that as a push towards their education.
One should know that everyone that works at a college university the professors and other staff all want one to be successful. There many things that one can do that will help one be successful and accomplish ones degree. Many students worry about paying for the schooling and do not know about their options. One can apply for scholarships and grants to help pay for school and there are mentors who can offer support and assistance. As a first-generation students one should get involved in actives, clubs, and other organizations. It will give one the chance to meet people who have the same interests and one will gain long lasting friendships. Having friends in college is important because people can provide encouragement through the college experience. Don’t be scared just approach another students and say “Hi” never know that person could become ones spouse. Everyone has different subjects that they are good and others that they need help with and there is plenty of people that are wanting to help but someone has to let them know that one needs the help and are willing to get it. Ask a professor for help if one is having a difficulty in a class, one can go the library and ask for help, many colleges have tutors for different subjects don’t be afraid to ask them for them. The most helpful person to one throughout college years will be an advisor they are the person who will help one stay on track and help one picking classes and can discuss with one about major and other concerns. Every student has an advisor based on their major. There is a person on campus to help with anything that one might need. Educational services are for students who need help with learning study skills or might need some tutoring. If one is having family issues, stressed or any other problems that one would like to talk with someone about there is a counseling center that one can...

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