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First Essay

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How important was Lenin in enabling the communist government to survive war and rebellion in the years 1918-1922.
The communist government survived war and rebellion because of a variety of key figures including Lenin. However to say that Lenin was important is speculative, there were many events that occurred which Lenin didn’t contribute to which helped the communist government survive.
It is possible to think that Lenin was not important in enabling the communist government to survive war and rebellion because of the kronstadt revolt. This was a key event in which Lenin did not contribute and therefore unimportant. The kronstadt revolt occurred because sailors at the Kronstadt naval ...view middle of the document...

Poland invaded the Ukraine in 1920. However, the Polish army was not able to defeat Trotsky’s Red Army and it broke through the Poles lines and advanced on Warsaw. Jozef Pilsudski, Poland’s commander-in-chief led a counter-attack against the Red Army and Lenin showed the initiative to cut his losses and agreed to the Treaty of Riga on March 18th 1921. As a result of this treaty, about 10 million Ukrainians and White Russians were put under Polish rule. The Treaty of Riga brought to an end the Russian Civil War. Within Russia, the Communist government under Lenin was now secure. This is a clear example of how Lenin was vitally important for the communist survival of war. Being able to agree to a peace treaty showed Russia that the communist party had the key traits to lead Russia and therefore making sure that the communist party would stay in power of the foreseeable future.
Another clear example to show that Lenin was important in enabling the communist government to survive war and rebellion, is the 3rd March 1918 Treaty of Brest-Litovsk. The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk brought about the end of the war between Russia and Germany in 1918. Lenin had ordered that the Bolshevik representatives should get a quick treaty from the Germans to bring about an end to the war so that the Bolsheviks could concentrate on the work they needed to do in Russia itself. This was a wise decision because after the 1917 revolution Russia was in distress. Under the treaty, Russia lost Riga, Lithuania, Livonia, Estonia and some of White Russia. These areas had great economic importance as they were some of the most fertile farming areas in Western Russia. Germany was allowed by the terms of the treaty to exploit these lands to support her military effort in the west. Lenin argued that though the treaty was harsh, it freed the Bolsheviks up to deal with problems in Russia itself. Lenin’s...

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