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NOVEMBER 26, 2011

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She had become exhausted and frustrated with her job, to the point of feeling overwork. The employee was no longer excited about her employment because she was not being challenged to the point of improving or learning new skills.
She noticed that the work seemed to be at once and too much. There was a feeling of inconsistency concerning the flow of work. Although she had been identified as being one of the best employees, she could no longer remain silent about the situation that she faced in her daily duties. This concern was very important to her because she is an employee who has a long range
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plan, which is perfecting her skills with the agency through training and challenges. Her ultimate goal is to one day leave the agency in pursuit of becoming an owner of her own business. The position was not offering her these opportunities, therefore, leading to the agency, possible, losing an asset. The new manager leaving for the day without being able to suggest correction to some of her concerns may have caused the employee to make a definitive decision.
The Discussion Case, (Stewart, G., & Brown, K. 2008) did not provide this information, however, prior experience would lead one to think that Malik’s actions would be the tolerance point for this women. She did express her plans of quitting the agency.
Identify which of these factors could be addressed with improvement in the way the organization handles development as described in the chapters.
Concerns such as being overworked, lacking of excitement through challenges, improving skills through schooling, and distribution of work load can be improved by utilizing the career and employee development stages.
An employer should ensure that employees have the knowledge and skills to perform their jobs. This can be done through training. Employees grow as individuals when given the opportunity to gain new knowledge and skills. Their performance improves, which may qualify the employee(s) for promotion. Promotion normally involves more responsibilities and an increase in salary. All of these factors bring on job satisfaction.
There are benefits of development opportunities. These opportunities allow the employee(s) to improve on responding to adjusting the environmental forces. Changes take place in two
Stewart, G., & Brown, K. (2008). Human resource management: 2010 custom edition (1st
Ed.). Hoboken, NJ. John, Wiley & Sons.
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ways: (1) Employees improvement in skills and (2) increase in capable employees maintaining ...

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