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First Amendment Essay

789 words - 4 pages

First Amendment
Tiffany Berardino, Alanna Cherry, Charlie Ford
Paul Patton, Gwyneth Navitsky
Law/421 Contemporary Business Law
November 10, 2013
Boni Cherelle

On December 15, 1791, the First Amendment Rights were set forth to protect the citizens of the United States and be governing by the Bills of Rights. As time passed and the U.S. changed the First Amendment, it became more of a pillar for free speech, free press and the right to peacefully assemble. The First Amendment, at its early stage, was only applied by laws by Congress but now it has been directed in the process of incorporating a clause through the Fourteenth Amendment – due process. The First Amendment ...view middle of the document...

Topics for the Week
This week there were some great topics discussed and a lot learned. The team had some minor problems torts of law. Torts are defined as a body of rights afforded by courts to a plaintiff because of harm and wrongful acts. There are many types of tort law such as negligence, strict liability, defamation, product disparagement statues, fraudulent misrepresentation, and trade libel, and false imprisonment, tortious interference with existing contractual relationship or libel. The challenge that the team had was how a company enforces these torts within the business community. How can a company ensure protection from the different possible torts? The team realized that accidents could be considered a negligent tort. Accidents happen in the work force all the time but companies can protect themselves by defining safety standards and forms of liability. Team B discussed the First Amendment and the relationship between it and defamation. The team felt comfortable discussing how defamation was in fact covered under portions of the First Amendment but there were restrictions. We discussed censorship as well. The First Amendment does provide certain liberties but a person or business must use caution to not overstep the boundaries of the laws in place.
In any business, the ability to protect intellectual property is important and as a team we discovered that intellectual property was a vital application within each of...

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