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First Aid For Bleeding Essay

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Perform First Aid for a Bleeding and/or Severed Extremity

Conditions: You have a casualty who has a bleeding wound of the arm or leg. The casualty is breathing. You will need the casualty's emergency bandage, chitosan dressing, or field dressing, materials to improvise a pressure dressing (wadding and cravat or strip of cloth), materials to elevate the extremity (blanket, shelter half, poncho, log, or any available material), and combat application tourniquet (C-A-T) or materials to improvise a tourniquet--rigid object (stick, tent peg, or similar object) and a strip of cloth.

Standards: Control bleeding from the wound following the correct sequence. Place a dressing over ...view middle of the document...

Apply dressings over the protective clothing. |
| 2. Apply the casualty's dressing. |
| a. Emergency bandage. |
|Note: The emergency bandage is a new item that can be used on any bleeding wound. It can be used both as a field dressing and as a pressure |
|dressing. |
| (1) Place the pad on the wound, white side down, and wrap the elastic bandage around the limb. |
|CAUTION: Do NOT touch the white (sterile) side of the dressing. Do NOT allow it to come into contact with any surface other than the wound. |
| (2) Insert the elastic bandage into the pressure bar. |
| (3) Tighten the elastic bandage. |
| (4) Pull back, forcing the pressure bar down onto the pad. |
| (5) Wrap the elastic bandage tightly over the pressure bar and wrap it over all edges of the pad. |
| (6) Secure the hooking ends of the closure bar into the elastic bandage. |
|WARNING: Emergency bandages, field dressings, and pressure dressings should NOT have a tourniquet-like effect. The dressing must be loosened |
|if the skin beyond the injury becomes cool, blue, or numb. |
| b. Chitosan dressing. |
|Note: The chitosan dressing is used to control serious arterial bleeding. It is not used for wounds with minimal to moderate bleeding. The |
|chitosan dressing can be used in conjunction with a tourniquet to control severe arterial bleeding. |
| (1) Hold the foil over-pouch so that the instructions can be read and the unsealed edges are at the top. |
| (2) Grasp the unsealed edges. |
| (3) Peel open the over-pouch by pulling the unsealed edges apart. |
| (4) Use your hand and thumb to trap the dressing between the bottom foil and the green/black polyester backing. |
| (5) Hold the dressing...

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