Firefighter Research Paper

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James Parker
Fire Technology
Mr. Armstrong
The original fire station was opened in 1948 followed by the delivery of their first fire engine in September of 1949. It was located at 1286 scales Ave. The majority of the building was constructed by the firemen, and in 1983 Linda fire protection district more than doubled its size with the annexation of the Arboga area. They originally protected 25 square miles and now protected 52 square miles. With the growth, Linda fire station 2 was constructed later in 1983 at 1595 Broadway road.
The core values of the Linda fire protection is to provide that all members of the district operate with a ...view middle of the document...

Linda fire protection district consist of 3 stations including station 1 at 1286 scales Ave station 2 at 1595 Broadway road Arboga and station 3 at 1765 river oaks Plumas lake. The busiest fire house is station 1 with a total of 3040 calls in the year of 2014 with the slowest being station 3 Plumas lake at 360 calls. The captain mentioned that he believes that number will increase at station 3 as the years go by and Plumas Lake expands. The station requires an entry level fire fighter be at least 18 years of age, possess a high school diploma or GED, have a valid California driver’s license and clean driving record, successfully completed an accredited fire fighter one academy, pass a Linda fire protection district background and pre-employment physical and the ability to work a scheduled shift.
The gentlemen’s name that I interviewed was Kyle Higgstrom and he is the current captain of the department. His interest for the fire service started in high school when he took an ROP class. He says that the adrenaline of it and the diversity of...

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