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Finding Your Social Media Voice Essay

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31 March 15 Posted In Social Media 0 Comments Authored By Georgina Makings
When it comes to social media there are so many ideas and techniques out there to help your brand perform better. From post formatting, to frequency and timing, there seems to be a lot of technicalities to social media marketing today.
Amongst all of these techniques it is important not to forget the main purpose of social media; to connect and engage with your customers. This is what makes your social media voice so important. In this post we will explore how to establish an effective voice for your brand, and how you can use this to improve your social media strategy and increase ...view middle of the document...

If it doesn’t fit the character, then don’t make the post!
Give people a reason to follow your brand:
People are constantly being marketed to, but they certainly don’t use social media just to look at ads. Competition is fierce, so you need to give consumers a reason to follow or like your page. Many businesses make the mistake of being overly promotional on social media, with profiles that look something like this:

Looking from an audience member’s perspective, would you really be interested in following a brand that constantly made posts like this? Probably not, right? Of course it is fine to post some promotional content; just make sure it is relevant, not too sales-heavy, and most importantly is of interest to your audience. One brand that does this particularly well is Innocent. Their light-hearted and humorous tone is projected in all of their posts, even promotional:

In an interview with Social Bro, Joe McEwan, Head of Digital at Innocent was asked about how they promote their brand on social media:
We can use reactive content to drive awareness of our products. The challenge is always to find interesting, creative ways to talk about our products. The more interesting our product posts are, the more people will engage with them and the further they will travel.
Your audience want to feel like they matter, so be polite and make sure you respond to any interactions.Competitions are another great way of giving value to your audience whilst boosting engagement, and expanding your social media presence.
Put yourself in your audience’s shoes:
You should...

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