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Finding The Leader In You Essay

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Assignment 1: Finding the Leader in You: Self-Assessment/ Johari Window
The purpose of this paper to better understand Organizational Behavior and how I fit in the dynamic of it. Organizational Behavior is the study of human behavior in organizations (Schermerhorn, Jr., Osborn, Uhl-Bien, & Hunt, 2012). Organizations have been forced to adopt new strategies and try new processes to remain successful. If the companies do not keep up with the continuous evolvement, they will fall behind. With all of the changes taking place, it is very important for individuals to know their strengths and weaknesses to reach their goals. What better way to do so but to take self-assessments to help ...view middle of the document...

My interpretation from this is that I am a work in progress when it comes to stress management. While stress does not affect my ability to work in my place of employment, it does require that I re-group to get the job done. The next assessment was titled the “TT” Leadership Style assessment. This test had two categories in which we were scored in. For the Transformational Leader Score I received a 22 and for the Transactional Leader I scored a 28. The interpretation I received from this assessment is that being strong in both demonstrates a strong leader. For the Intuitive assessment I received a 6 as my score. My interpretation from this assessment is that I am in need of expanding my knowledge so that my business would evolve. It is very important to stay up on all advancements in order to be successful. From the Conflict Management assessment I found that I do attempt to avoid conflict by working out a solution that will work out best for all parties. I received a high score of a 7 on my Time Management Profile. I strive to manage my time in the workplace as well as my own personal life. In the Organizational Design Preference I found that I have more of a mechanistic approach were as I need to become adaptable to the organic approach as it is becoming the future of most workplaces. In the Which Culture Fits You assessment my score was a 4. My results imply that I am most comfortable working in a structured environment and a value continued education and learning more for working growth (Schermerhorn, Jr., Osborn, Uhl-Bien, & Hunt, 2012).
Relationships and Career Choice
All of the assessments have pointed out characteristics that I was aware of and some that I had no idea that I needed to work on. I am confident in saying that I am a people person. I enjoy working with others, and I enjoy obtaining new knowledge. I appreciate having a job that will provide continuous learning. I like to...

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