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Finding The Business In Sex Trafficking

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Finding the Business in the Business of Human Sex Trafficking
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Finding the Business in the Business of Human Sex Trafficking
In the subcultural world of sex trafficking, society often visualizes a group of men who drug or kidnap young women and girls then turn around and sell these innocent victims to the highest bidder. Hollywood and the media have shown many fictional displays on the hardened pimp beating his newly purchased prostitutes to keep them in line while setting up sexual encounters with men old enough to be the young girl’s grandfather. Or we see young children being locked up in basements, chained to a ...view middle of the document...

This is not just a way the sex traffickers act with the victims, but is how the top men deal with their underlings to keep the order and security within the ranks of the business. Threatening to kill someone or actually doing so in order to not go to the police keeps the company safe. This type of threatening behavior is possibly as close to the real work business department of human resources as one can get, for there is no real person who looks out for its company’s employees except in the manner of force, threats, and violence.
The political environment within the sex trafficking industry offers an immense frightening look at who is actually behind the business itself. With notions of high ranking political officials backing those cartels who are run this type of trafficking, society is obviously oblivious that many politicians have not only purchased underage, illegal, kidnapped, coerced sexual partners, but are also a party to keeping the doors open for business so to speak. Any notion that many of our high ranking officials offer optimal dollar to keep this industry flowing is slammed behind closed doors in order to keep this illegal business quiet. Politically and financials, “sex trafficking is one of the fastest growing underground industries in the black market” (Robertson, 2012,...

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