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Finding Magical Answers To Parenting Essay

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Finding Magical Answers to Parenting
Parenting feels as if it should just come natural, like a new born foal knowing its mother by the first scent. However, many people who become parents for the first time realize that this knowledge does not appear with the wave of a wand. A parent must make many decisions in the course of their lifetime concerning the welfare of their children and those decisions can and will have tremendous effects on their children’s lives. Some of these decisions can be very heart-wrenching because a parent has to make a decision without knowing exactly how the decision will change their children’s life. The children may view these decisions very differently. A ...view middle of the document...

Regardless of the situation, the potential parents often have mixed emotions and illusions about having a child. Parenting places great demands on people: interpersonal skills, complicated decision-making, and time management. Often, parenting also puts emotional demands on the couple. Today’s formal education does little in providing enough information on parenting. Most parents learn parenting from their own parents. This could explain why many abused children grow up to abuse their own children. Since parents learn parenting from their mother, father, and family, a husband and wife could have very different ideas of child rearing. If one were to have more education on parenting, this might help population to achieve healthy, happy marriages. But even with tremendous education on parenting, some still do not achieve desired results. Parenting is not easy and takes a lifetime of commitment from both parties.
The first step in good parenting is to choose a partner who shares the decision, commitment, and determination to be a parent and a lifetime partner throughout the process. Good marriages can have an added benefit of living a healthier life. People who are happy feel less stressed. An unhappy marriage can have more physical and emotional stress because of the arguments and annoyances. These strains can increase the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, and depression. Marriage brings stability to a relationship, a critical factor in raising children. When children are raised in a stable environment, they are more likely to have less emotional and physical problems than those from an unhappy or divorced family. According to the research by the United States Department of Health and Human Services,” children who are raised in a healthy marriage show benefits of increased likely hood of going to college, succeeding academically, and having a better relationship with their parents than those from an unhappy or divorced marriage” (Administration for Children and Families). Not only can a healthy marriage contribute to the couple and the children, it can also contribute to the community. The research by the United States Department of Health and Human Services also shows that,” communities with higher percentages of healthy marriages have lower domestic violence rates, crime rates, teenage pregnancy rates, and juvenile delinquency”(Administration for Children and Families). There are many benefits from a healthy, happy marriage but divorce may still be the answer for some.
According to the author of Essentials of Life-Span Development, John Santrock, “Divorce has become an epidemic in the United States” (Santrock 298). “Some of the reasons for divorce are: domestic violence, infidelity, and psychological problems” (Santrock 298). Regardless of the reason for the divorce, divorce poses many challenges. Some of the challenges for the adult are the instable environment, decreased mental health, and the increased financial...

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