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Financialanalysis Report For Cango

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While surgical robotics will have a significant impact on surgical practice, it presents challenges so much in the realm of legal issues of medicine and health care.
Robotic surgery may open new avenues in the near future in surgical practice. However, in robotic surgery, special training and experience along with high quality assessment are required in order to provide normal conscientious care and state-of-the-art treatment. While the legal basis for professional liability remains exactly the same, litigation with the use of robotic surgery may be complex. In case of an undesirable outcome, in addition to physician and hospital, the manufacturer of the robotic system may be sued. In respect to ethical issues in robotic surgery, equipment safety and reliability, provision of adequate information, and maintenance of confidentiality are all of paramount importance. Also, the cost of robotic surgery and the lack of such systems in most of the public ...view middle of the document...

The complexity of litigation associated with robotic surgery and cybersurgery.
McLean TR. Cybersurgery-an argument for enterprise liability. J Leg Med. 2002
Jun;23(2):167-210. PubMed PMID: 12079590.

Technology has changed the way we see our world. There are always new discoveries in medicines and advancements in how we perform our day to day lives. Many hospitals today have upgraded their computer systems to keep up with this new technology. The way surgeries are being performed has changed as well. Having robots in our surgery rooms are becoming a thing of the past. The thought of a robotic device performing a procedure that has been performed by thousands of doctors for many years is a wonderful discovery. However, there are some concerns as to whether robotic surgery is better for patients than regular surgery for some procedures. Surprisingly enough there are many patients who would prefer this surgery due to the precision of the robotic arms. Also, the patients who have had surgery say they spend less time recovering in the hospitals. This could mean some savings for the hospitals since the price for the robotic machines can be quite expensive. Moreover, the expenses that would be incurred for having such a machine would come mostly from training the doctors who are controlling the mechanical arms..

* Surgeons can use the robot to operate on patients after several steps, including at least an hour of online training, four hours watching two full-length procedures online, seven hours operating on a pig and as few as two surgeries, overseen by a more seasoned robotic surgeon. The number of supervised cases can vary by hospital.
The Food and Drug Administration recently asked surgeons to take part in a voluntary survey asking about complications involving the da Vinci. The FDA told CNBC the surveys are a routine part of its surveillance to help evaluate the device and its performance and to help understand the risk/benefit profile for devices like this.

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