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Financial Reporting Problem Part Ii Acc290 September 16,2013

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Financial Reporting Problem Part II
September 16,2013

Financial Reporting Problem Part II

Financial Reporting Problem, Part II
The PepsiCo is a beverage distributor is known for their soda and other merchandise. The cola company started in the 1800s in a drugstore, and it was named “Brad’s Drink.” In 1898, cola introduced “Brad’s Drink” to the market. After a few years, the name changed to Pepsi. The currents assets are very important to companies like PepsiCo. In the balance sheet, “current assets are assets that a company expects to convert to cash or use up within one year or its operating cycle, whichever is longer. For most businesses, the cut off for ...view middle of the document...

These investment accounts hold bonds and stocks that the company can liquidate reasonably fast. The net receivable is full amount of money PepsiCo’s customers owed minus the amount that the company does not expect to receive from its clients.
Some forms of cash equivalents are commercial paper, and Treasury bills, and money market funding. Commercial paper is considered a receivable with no collateral used as a debt. It has a maturity of less than Two Hundred and Seventy calendar days. The treasuries bills are debts the United States Department of Treasury issues that mature within a year. With money market funds, they normally pay higher interest rates than with deposited funds, maintaining a minimum balance in the account. Cash equivalents are not money; however, through maturity dates; they come close to cash (Kimmel, Weygandt, & Kieso, 2011, p. 49).
PepsiCo’s most recent annual reporting period of 2012 showed the company’s current total liabilities of short and long-term obligations at $23,544. This was a total, less current maturities of long-term debt obligations. The previous annual reporting period of 2011 total liabilities of short and long-term obligations were $20,568. This is the total less current maturities of long-term debt obligations. This shows a decrease and difference of $2,976 from the 2012 annual reporting period.
The 2012 liabilities for 2012 on the PepsiCo financial statements are 52,239 (in millions). That number is 259 million higher than in 2011. Short-term obligations decreased by 1,390 (in millions) during the 2012 accounting period. Accounts payable increased 146 million. Income taxes increased by 179 million. Long-term debt obligations increased during this time by 3,200 (in millions) and other liabilities decreased 1,123 (in millions) (Pepsi.Co, 2013). When comparing liabilities for 2012, it is important to note that assets also increased during this accounting period. The PepsiCo had a net revenue decrease from 2011 to 2012 of about one billion dollars. The cost of sales decreased 500 million, and the selling expenses were down about one billion dollars. The operating...

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