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Financial Planning Agreement Essay

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FINANCIAL PLANNING AGREEMENT This Financial Planning Agreement (“Agreement”) is entered into by and between Alpha Global Investments, LLC (“The Adviser”) a registered investment adviser and (“Client”), whereby Client desires to receive financial planning services as outlined below. 1. SERVICES AND FEES The Adviser provides personal financial plans consistent with a client’s financial status, investment objectives and tax status. The Adviser will obtain the necessary financial data from the Client to prepare the financial plan. The financial plan may include information regarding retirement planning, education planning, planning for major purchases, life and disability insurance needs, ...view middle of the document...

This scenario presents a conflict between the interests of the investment adviser and the interests of the client. The Client is under no obligation to purchase such securities through The Adviser. However, if the Client desires to purchase securities or advisory services in order to implement his/her financial plan, The Adviser may make a variety of life insurance products and other services available. This may result in the payment of normal and customary commissions or advisory fees to The Adviser. To the extent that The Adviser recommends that

the Client invest in such products and services that will result in compensation being paid to The Adviser, this presents a conflict of interest. To help relieve areas that may represent potential conflicts of interest The Adviser is willing to forgo a portion of its fee for the financial plan, if the Client invests in products and services that result in compensation being paid to The Adviser. 3. CONFIDENTIALITY None of the information and data that Client provides to The Adviser will be disclosed by The Adviser to any other non-related firm, person, or entity without prior consent of Client, unless such disclosure is required by law. Client acknowledges, understands and agrees that for our mutual protection, The Adviser will keep clear and specific notes of conversations and meetings. Client agrees not to record any telephone conversations without the express written authorization of The Adviser and the individual(s) engaged in the conversation. 4. ASSIGNMENT/TERMINATION This agreement may not be assigned or transferred in any manner by any party without the written consent of all parties receiving or rendering services hereunder. This Agreement may be terminated by any party effective upon receipt of written notice to the other parties (“Termination Date”). Client will be entitled to a refund of unearned fees, if any, based upon the time and effort completed prior to termination of the Agreement. The Agreement is terminated upon delivery of the plan. No refunds will be made after completion of the plan, except when the number of actual hours to complete the financial plan is less that the estimated number of hours quoted. Termination of the Agreement will not affect the liabilities or obligations of the parties for activities initiated prior to termination. 5. PRACTICE OF LAW AND ACCOUNTING The Adviser is not licensed to engage in the practice of law and, consequently, will offer no legal advice when preparing the personal financial plan. None of...

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