Financial Planning Essay

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Financial planning project

VSPGX: 343 stocks, mostly invested in tech. incorporation such as MS, Apple, Google, etc.

Reason we pick Vanguard S&P 500 GR Index for large: we want be active fund when market is passive and opposite way. Since market is doing good, we would use passive fund. When market is bad we would not stay on passive fund and go out for active which has good sense in stock picking and beat the market. Currently US market S&P 500 is in good shape(Figure X), S&P value fund portfolio since economy is in good shape. -> since this fund is ETF there is no restriction in minimal payment(just like stock) and use expense ratio on website because that 0.08% ...view middle of the document...

Strategic GLBL INVEST – I, DGLRX US -> 76% NA + 13.4% ASIA
: Our decision is primarily based on the expected return because average returns for developed market funds are relatively low compare to index.

Emerging: BRICs, Taiwan
India: Matthews India Fund (MINDX) ->

7. Alternatives -> real estate
*difference between a private real estate & an REIT on paper.

There are virtually no difference in return and expense but we focused on return instead of exp. Because our proportion is only 4%($40,000)

REIT: Manning & Napier Real EST-S (MNREX)

Fixed Income
8. US Govts, Agenceis
Fund asset class focus – fixed income
Asset class focus – debt
Industry focus - sovereign

Vanguard Extnd DUR TRE-INST (VEDTX) -> why std. deviation is so high?

10. High Yield
1st page: excel template
2nd page: tactical allocation and active/passive distribution

Our entire para

1) Why we overweight on US Large Cap Growth?
: characteristics of ETF(ETF offers Flexibility -> to be traded throughout the day for the market price at execution, Potential Cost-efficiency -> ETFs based on indexes are cost-efficient because in one transaction they allow investors to trade all components of the underlying index....

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