, Financial Management Of Health Care Organizations And Ethics Are An Important Part Of Running A Health Care Facility

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Unit 2 Term Paper
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This term paper for unit two review three articles, Ethics Consultation in United States Hospitals This term paper also defines 8 financial terms.
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Healthcare services and vendor conflicts can become the forerunner to escalated pricing of supplies and services to make an effort in gaining maximum profits for vendors. She gives us an example of how a patient might be taken advantage of by a hospital or an anesthetist who utilizes a medication during surgery, not because it is the appropriate option for the patient but simply because the company that sells the drug offers a monetary inducement to utilize the medication (Gallup, 2009). Gallup continues as she explains integrity, the second component of ethics that expects accounting employees to uphold the aura of honesty. The objectivity portion of ethics is joined to integrity. Integrity and objectivity demand accounting employees to keep-away from circumstances that could look like a conflict of interest, since it could appear the inflated costs that are passed on can cause outsiders to question as to whether the accountant’s paid off for unethical accounting practices (2009). Financial ethics is profoundly contingent on the section of ethics known as responsibility. Ethics depend heavily on the responsibility of a healthcare worker to render the finest service to both the patient and the healthcare organization. When the accountability of the patient and healthcare employees conflict, for reasons such as unethical practices, double-billing and jacked-up medical bills, the healthcare worker is accountable to question the practices and report them the proper the authorities (Gallup, 2009).

Peer Reviewed Article
The second article chosen for this assignment is by E. Fox, S. Meyers, and R. Pearlman titled: Ethics Consultation in United States Hospitals: A National Survey. The analysis described here is the first to convey in detail how the ethics consultations are performed in hospitals all over the United States (U.S.). The National Study on Ethics Consultation in U.S. Hospitals was launched with the goal of producing reference point information to expedite future attempts at hospital ethics and quality enhancements. They directed a detailed survey to strategic informers within an indiscriminate, sample of all U.S. Hospitals’ to allow them to estimate regarding present-day practices (Fox, E., Meyers, S. & Pearlman, R., 2007). They focused on these questions:
1. How often is the Ethics Consultation Services (ECSs) held in U.S. hospitals?
2. Which personal, what are the backgrounds and training history.
3. How do the ethic consultation services function?
4. Are the ownership, instructor’s role, training history and the size of beds related to the characteristics of its ECS? (Fox, E., Meyers, S. & Pearlman, R., 2007).
The survey inquiry forms, are set up by concentrating on the main research questions and using the investigation data from ethics consultations and contributions from a participating group of 20 experts in the field of bioethics, clinical ethics...

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