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Financial Management Analysis

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The main objective of doing this project is to develop students understanding about Malaysia Capital Market. Malaysia Capital Market involve of shares and investment. This project also study the relationship between expected return, standard deviation, coefficient of variation, covariance, correlation, beta and capital asset pricing model.

One of the financial objectives of business organization is to maximize returns on its investments and operations. Various components of returns make up the returns to proportional with the various types of risks borne and market conditions.

Risk can be defined as the chance of financial loss in the common of basic definition. ...view middle of the document...

Today, Scented is an established and diversified company that is consistently breaking new ground in manufacturing and property development. Listed on Bursa Malaysia in 1990, Scented celebrated another milestone in 2013 when it achieved revenue exceeding RM1 billion for the first time ever, in the process becoming a Billion-ringgit company.
Scentex is now one of the world’s top three producers of industrial stretch film with an export market that covers more than 60 countries representing much of the industrialised world. It is also a leading player in manufacturing PP strapping bands; a market leader of consumer packaging products in Asia; a debutant in solar products; and a mainstay in the manufacture of component parts for automotive interior. Scented is also on the top tier of property developers in Malaysia with integrated property projects spread over 1,935 acres of land in the southern states of Johor and Melaka.
Vision of Scented SD Bud is to be a leading global corporation of excellence through sustainable and profitable growth.
Missions are to provide high quality products that are innovative, value-added, competitively priced and delivered on time. To establish mutually-beneficial relationships with customers and suppliers. To provide a conducive and rewarding work environment for employees by promoting teamwork, encouraging harmonious relationships and nurturing a winning spirit to strive for excellence, professionalism and market leadership. To be a responsible and respected corporate citizen in corporate governance and business ethics so as to maximise benefits for all stakeholders and build a “healthy, friendly and happy” corporate culture in the workplace, marketplace and community.


On 31 May 1963, when Merlin Hotels Malaysia was first incorporated, it sets the stage for the birth of Faber Group Berhad. At the time, Merlin Hotels Malaysia was focused on the hospitality industry and was the holding company for only two subsidiaries, Hotel Merlin Kuala Lumpur SD Bud and Hotel Merlin Cameron Highlands Berhad.
However, through a series of events, what started as a simple Hotel Company became a major player not only in the hotel industry but also in other key industries such as Property Development and Healthcare. The seminal point came in 1972 when Merlin Hotels Malaysia Berhad merged with Faber Union SD Bud and Faber Merlin Malaysia Berhad was formed - a company which recognises the importance of change.
Over the years, Faber Merlin Malaysia Berhad continues to diversify and grow in strength. Finally, on 22 November 1990, in recognition of the progress achieved by the company, Faber Merlin Malaysia Berhad changed its name to Faber Group Berhad with core businesses in Hospitality and Property. The group expanded its portfolio in October 1996 to include Hospital Support Services in the northern states of Peninsular Malaysia and in East Malaysia.
Vision of Faber Group is to be the no.1 partner in...

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