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Financial Analysis

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Financial Data Analysis
Jesse Patacsil
HCS 577
June 29, 2012

Financial Data Analysis
Financial data analysis is the procedure for assessing budgets and other finance-related things to determine the sustainability of a business venture. A financial analysis is used to analyze whether a unit is constant, solvent, liquid, or profitable enough to be invested in by shareholders. When looking at a specific company, the financial analyst will often focus on the income statement, balance sheet, and statement of revenue and expenses statements. In addition, one key area of financial analysis involves comparing the company's past year performance into an estimate of the company's future ...view middle of the document...

Different revenue sources exist in the financial records of Patton-Fuller Community Hospital (Patton-Fuller Annual Report, 2009). The revenue sources consist of both government payers and private payers. The payer mix of the hospital will consist of revenue from governmental sources, such as Medicare and Medicaid, and private payers, such as HMO’s.
The most significant effect on the financial reporting at the hospital comes from the managed care plans (HMO’s). Since recent changes were made in the contractual agreements with the hospital, reimbursements for the same service will differ dependent on the year the services were rendered. These contractual adjustments will be reflected on the financial statements by recording these adjustments as deductions in patient revenue and provision for doubtful accounts, also known as bad debt accounts.(Patton Fuller Community Hospital, 2009).
Patton-Fuller Community Hospital has revenue approaching from a consistent collection of sources concluding in an increase from the past fiscal year. The 2009 Annual Report states “PFCH derives 80% of its revenue from inpatient activity, (including surgery charges, medical-surgical nursing, and Intensive Care Unit (ICU) charges).” Involving the 2008-2009 Statement of Revenue and Expense report the planning and controlling of the operating income differed by $15,847 in 2008. Prearranged planning gave the direct outcome of manager surveillance and responsibility which helped to increase the 2009 operating income. In the 2009 Annual report states “The Board responded favorably to heavy discounts offered by...

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