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Finance Paper 1

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Solutions, Scope of Work, and Deliverables 1. Preliminary Research 2. Strategic Planning 3. Interface Design - Graphic Design Work 4. Web application Front End Programming 5. Web application Back-end Development 6. Quality Assurance and Launch Maintenance and Hosting Seward and Co. currently hosts and maintains over 50 websites, ranging in size from very large custom CMS E-commerce websites to small personal websites. Our hosting packages are based on the budget of our clients. We do this because we feel that hosting should not interfere with our client’s main focus – their business or image. Our monthly maintenance and hosting fees usually range from $50 to $1,500 a month ...view middle of the document...

Companies Tabari has worked with are, The Body Project, Inc., Polo Ralph Lauren, Hy-Gien Corporation, REI and Damian Pitts, Inc. Your responsibilities So that we can serve you as efficiently as possible, we expect our clients to provide all media, information, requests and copy as quickly as possible. This assures the satisfaction of you, our client, throughout our work process. The science behind what we do We are not just a group of designers and web developers. We approach the construction of our websites from the ground up. We consider the mindset of the internet user within the demographic targeted. The preliminary research phase of our design process gives you, the client an immediate edge in appealing to your core customer base. After that phase is complete, we design to the demographic; fine tuning and honing the user experience so that our client is satisfied as well as the end user. The final web product should be fluid and seamless and more importantly, intuitive to use. Time wasted with web users struggling to figure out your website’s navigation ends in frustration and the subsequent loss of business. The attention span of internet users today lasts only a matter of seconds. Flash and bright colors alone will not translate into loyal customers. Our goal for the OrganiX FOOD LOUNGE, LLC.’s website, is to design a tool for the sole purpose of creating a user experience that creates the subliminal desire of users to walk in the door of your restaurant. Naturally, the OrganiX website is to be an instrument to increase revenue and facilitate reaching your company’s bottom line goals.


In more detail…
The purpose of the project is to execute and complete the construction of a homogenous and friendly website as an online “experience” for internet users. The cutting edge website will feature all the elements, functions, and specifications as mentioned in following pages. Despite the evident complexity and depth behind the OrganiX FOOD LOUNGE, LLC.’s website, the user experience must remain particularly smooth and simple. The design must be high-end, pleasant and clean, creating an atmosphere of confidence and professionalism. The major web technologies that could be used on the website will be Zend Framework, PHP, MYSQL, JavaScript, AJAX, XHTML, CSS, XML, API, and Flash ( flash is becoming obsolete because of the lag in bandwidth load and drag in fluidity of the coding. Also, FLA coding cannot be read by search engines and this goes against true SEO compatibility.) The main goal of this proposal is to determine an accurate time and budget estimate, as well as determine the main technological route, web technologies, methodologies, phases of work, and other important details to best achieve your business and creative goals. Please read the following pages for the first launch of your website, which includes all the specifications you sent us, with the modifications and changes we discussed over the phone. The primary...

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