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Final Year Project Essay

1224 words - 5 pages

AH = 00h
AL = desired video mode (see #00010)
Return: AL = video mode flag (Phoenix, AMI BIOS)

Values for video mode:
text/ text pixel pixel colors disply scrn system
grph resol box resolution pages addr
00h = T 40x25 8x8 320x200 16gray 8 B800 CGA,PCjr,Tandy
= T 40x25 8x14 320x350 16gray 8 B800 EGA
= T 40x25 8x16 320x400 16 8 B800 MCGA
= T 40x25 9x16 360x400 16 8 B800 VGA
01h = T 40x25 8x8 320x200 16 8 B800 CGA,PCjr,Tandy
= T 40x25 8x14 320x350 16 8 B800 EGA
= T 40x25 8x16 320x400 16 8 B800 MCGA
= T 40x25 9x16 360x400 16 8 B800 ...view middle of the document...

. Tandy 2000
= G 90x43 8x8 720x348 mono . B000 Hercules + MSHERC.COM
= G 90x45 8x8 720x360 mono . B000 Hercules + HERKULES [11]
= G 90x29 8x12 720x348 mono . . Hercules + HERCBIOS [15]
09h = G 40x25 8x8 320x200 16 . . PCjr, Tandy 1000
= G 80x25 8x16 640x400 mono . . Tandy 2000
= G 90x43 8x8 720x348 mono . . Hercules + HERCBIOS [15]
0Ah = G 80x25 8x8 640x200 4 . . PCjr, Tandy 1000
0Bh = reserved (EGA BIOS internal use)
= G 80x25 8x8 640x200 16 . . Tandy 1000 SL/TL [13]
0Ch = reserved (EGA BIOS internal use)
0Dh = G 40x25 8x8 320x200 16 8 A000 EGA,VGA
0Eh = G 80x25 8x8 640x200 16 4 A000 EGA,VGA
0Fh = G 80x25 8x14 640x350 mono 2 A000 EGA,VGA
10h = G 80x25 8x14 640x350 4 2 A000 64k EGA
= G . . 640x350 16 . A000 256k EGA,VGA
11h = G 80x30 8x16 640x480 mono . A000 VGA,MCGA,ATI EGA,ATI VIP
12h = G 80x30 8x16 640x480 16/256K . A000 VGA,ATI VIP
= G 80x30 8x16 640x480 16/64 . A000 ATI EGA Wonder
= G . . 640x480 16 . . UltraVision+256K EGA
13h = G 40x25 8x8 320x200 256/256K . A000 VGA,MCGA,ATI VIP

AH = 02h
BH = page number
0-3 in modes 2&3
0-7 in modes 0&1
0 in graphics modes
DH = row (00h is top)
DL = column (00h is left)
Return: nothing
SeeAlso: AH=03h,AH=05h,INT 60/DI=030Bh,MEM 0040h:0050h
AH = 03h
BH = page number
0-3 in modes 2&3
0-7 in modes 0&1
0 in graphics modes
Return: AX = 0000h (Phoenix BIOS)
CH = start scan line
CL = end scan line
DH = row (00h is top)
DL = column (00h is left)
Notes: a separate cursor is maintained for each of up to 8 display pages
many ROM BIOSes incorrectly return the default size for a color display
(start 06h, end 07h) when a monochrome display is attached
With PhysTechSoft's PTS ROM-DOS the BH value is ignored on entry.
SeeAlso: AH=01h,AH=02h,AH=12h/BL=34h,MEM 0040h:0050h,MEM 0040h:0060h

AH = 06h
AL = number of lines by which to scroll up (00h = clear entire window)
BH = attribute used to write blank lines at bottom of window
CH,CL = row,column of window's upper left corner
DH,DL = row,column of window's lower right corner
Return: nothing
Note: affects only the currently active page (see AH=05h)
BUGS: some implementations (including the original IBM PC) have a bug which
destroys BP
the Trident TVGA8900CL (BIOS dated 1992/9/8) clears DS to 0000h when
scrolling in an SVGA mode (800x600 or higher)
SeeAlso: AH=07h,AH=12h"Tandy...

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