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Liam Green
With specific reference to ‘Decanter’ and ‘Mens Health’, how audiences are categorised by the producer on media texts. Include: overview, purpose/impact, specific textual reference, demographic physics metric profiling.
Representation is a producer’s construction of reality; in order to illustrate their view, they need to categorise audiences in terms of their content. For example, in the UK’s leading men’s magazine ‘Mens Health’, the audiences has been categorised to men only. ‘Mens Health’ isn’t a high end magazine as is aimed at the average man from giving them the tools to change/improve. Whereas ‘Decanter’ is a high end magazine specifically aimed at normally the upper ...view middle of the document...

The impact on this can vary; some people may believe it whereas some might not. However; it is not arguable to think that it isn’t appealing, to be able to get all those things the magazine promises that quickly. The audience are categorised somewhat stereotypical, as if men would listen to anything and believe it, and they want the best with little effort and time. The magazine aims at people in the UK are targeted based on their social class, but specifically to those of the C2, D and E background. This may be because they are normally the lives of people who are of less intelligence and would believe the things the magazine will portray; they can afford the magazine and are those who need the most improvement.
With reference to ‘Decanter’, a magazine specifically regarding wine, audiences are categorised in nearly the exact same way. Content is the main contributing factor, offering a luxurious experience when tasting wine. It doesn’t appeal through use of masculinity of even femininity such as ‘Mens Health’ but just through the use of what the magazine actually offers and being high end, rich and a pleasure to...

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